How to Easily Create Custom Covers for My Spotify Playlists

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In the great and wonderful world of the Internet, there are many applications for listening to music. There is currently a very popular program called Spotify, where you can repeat the same song, disable autoplay to save data and download free music, songs and podcasts.

How to Easily Create Custom Covers for My Spotify Playlists

Do you know this app? In case you don't know anything about the Spotify application, in this article we will tell you what it is and we will show you the steps you need to follow if you want to customize all the covers of your Playlists .

Spotify is quite modern software that will allow you to play live music. The creator of this app offers its users free basic services and paid accounts with many premium features.

    How to Easily Create Custom Covers for Your Spotify Playlists?

    If you use this platform frequently, you may probably be interested in learning about the steps you need to take to make a unique design for your list covers.

    The first thing you need to know is that to create playlist covers you have to use external applications like Photoshop and Replace Cover.

    Replace Cover is a web page that gives you all the tools you need to create your playlist covers and Photoshop is an Adobe photo editing software with which you can make a large number of designs. Next we will tell you how to make covers with the above mentioned software.

    How to create covers for your playlists with Replace Cover?

    To create a cover for your playlists with Replace Cover, you simply have to log in on their website . When you are inside the page you will see an example of the cover, you can modify it to your liking, change the background image, the content and the position of the text using the buttons located in the lower right corner of the screen.

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    This website offers its users four buttons which will allow them to customize the cover of their playlists. The first button allows you to change the image, the second the size of the letters, the third the potion of them and with the fourth or last button you can download the image you created.

    Also, at the bottom of the image list you can select colors with the "Themes" button and designs with the "Things" button.

    Unluckily , you will not be able to create a 100% custom design with Replace Cover, but if you don't handle Photoshop's design tools, this website will be your best option, even if it already has pre-set images.

    How to create covers for your playlists with Photoshop?

    If you work in areas related to design, you are certainly familiar with this software, with it you will be able to design incredible illustrations and of course you can create covers for your playlist.

    The design tools offered by Photoshop will allow you to design authentic images for your covers, as they will allow you to add a large number of fun colors and effects to the images you select for the covers of your playlists.

    How to change the cover in Spotify?

    When you have your drawings ready you will have to save or download them and then enter Spotify and select the list whose cover you want to change.

    Once the playlist you have selected is open, press on the cover , a box will immediately appear with a cover image, a space to write the description and the other to enter the name.

    In the upper right corner of the cover image there will be a button with three dots icon , you will have to click on that button so that the application shows you the options to change the image and after that you can select the cover you created.

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    Why change the cover of your Spotify playlist?

    You are probably wondering if you need to change your Playlist cover in Spotify and the answer is no. It is not really necessary to design a cover to replace the preset one with a new one.

    But if you upload content or want to customize your playlist to suit your tastes much more, forget about it and totally dedicate yourself to performing the steps explained earlier in this tutorial.

    You will be able to create absolutely unique covers in seconds because it is a fairly simple procedure and if you also use Replace Cover you won't have to be an expert designer.

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