How to easily create from 0 3D characters using Blender

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Some time ago, everyone was in awe of the stunning 3D effects that some films offered in cinemas. In this opportunity you will learn how to create your own 3D characters from scratch in Blender.

Previously, this kind of tech it could have been considered impossible to achieve, but behind this achievement are many, many people who have worked hard to make it available to society.

How to easily create from 0 3D characters using Blender

Currently this technology is totally and absolutely accessible to anyone through programs or applications , mostly on computers, although smartphone tools are also available.

Design everything you imagine

Computers, without a doubt, are the perfect equipment to start projects through tools that use 3D technology. Beyond the variety of software you can find on the web, there is one that stands out for its own ease of use and the functions available to its users to materialize extraordinary ideas.

That's why, this time around, this article will aim to provide you with great information about Blender, as well as the steps you need to follow to create a character from scratch quickly and easily.

Getting to know the Blender universe

Blender was launched in January 1998, it is an open source software developed by the Blender Foundation, a leading company in development of instruments three-dimensional technology .

It is compatible with at least the three most used software in the world: Windows, macOS and Linux. While it may work with any other operating system, there is a possibility that it may malfunction.

Being an open source program, this software undergoes continuous and constant improvements in operation and in tools thanks to the contributions of a large community of developers, with the aim that its performance is excellent in any operating system.

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Your impact on the community

What started out as a tool that the film industry took tremendous advantage of is now available to any group of people who need realize a project through the tools offered by Blender.

From studios to graphic artists, through apprentices, animators or gamers, a large number of people are increasingly interested in learning how to manage this type of technology for different types of projects and presentations.

Create characters with Blender

If you are one of those people who wants to learn how to make complex creations quickly and easily with the tools and functions that Blender offers, you are in the right place, as here you will have a brief explanation of how to do it.

Once you have downloaded and installed Blender on your computer, you need to run it, to activate your creative mode and start create your own 3D characters from scratch in Blender by following these simple instructions:

  • Press the Shift + A keys.
  • Hover over the first option and then select "Cube" .
  • Proceed to improve the positioning and size of the newly created cube. To do this, use the cursor together with the S key to move and the cursor together with the S and Z keys to change its size.
  • Use Blender's modifiers for your character.
    • On the right side of the screen, click a tool icon.
    • click on "Add modifier" .
    • In the "Deformation" section, select the "Induced" option.
    • Name the shape ... in this case you could use "Female".
    • Check the "Preserve Volume" and "Multiple Modifier" boxes.
  • Click "Apply" once you have finished configuring your character.
  • Select the cube you created earlier.
  • Click the button right mouse button and then click "Delete".
  • Once the cube has been cleared, your character should appear on the screen.
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You have already created your character in Blender!

As you will see, Blender has the ability to make complex creations by following a series of fairly simple steps. This is the first step you need to take to start mastering this amazing tool.

With the rest of its features, you can make any changes you want , as well as other creations. Prove that your imagination has no limits to create your own 3D characters from scratch in Blender.

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