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The business question reaches new estimates before the arrival of Digital Marketing, which through its use and its tricks it is possible to sell more in business, and therefore to be a built success, and not by chance. By this we mean that the success and greatness are not something that is born adrift , company growth has become a very difficult element of study and planning. This is why a corporate identity manual is so important in companies.

So arduous and important that strategic planning in companies becomes a necessity. But nothing is more necessary and distressing than laying the foundations of what is possible. In addition to what is not allowed and how leave a clear business message and in unison, attract the customer's attention. This all sounds complicated, especially when it is said that it must be included at the same time and space.

It is possible to enclose all this in a single space, because the corporate identity manual exists for this. What will be fundamental and necessary, whether it is a large company or your own personal brand. There are many ways to materialize it, but we will see how to do it in Illustrator or pdf in easier way.

    What is a Corporate Identity Manual for?

    It is summed up in simple words to be a cover letter and clarification, where it will refer to and it will show the determining elements of the company. AND n he not only the logo, network, presentation and other performances, also includes the clarification of limitations, and the use can have a brand or image.

    But at the same time, it is an attractive element that will synthesize the components most surprising and essential to advertise and will expose the issues of traffickers in society. Therefore, it is both a time saver and a solid foundation for setting aside specs and usage limitations. Therefore, it tries to protect the company from possible abuse of its image or product.

    In answer to the question posed, a corporate identity manual helps a brand or a company to have a clear, coherent and transparent image that identifies it in all the different channels . It also establishes the relationship between the brand's visual communication and its customers to be recognized in any field.

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    As we can see, it is a very important element and to do it or create a corporate identity manual in a design program, you only need to know its components. And so apply them to taste and criterion with Illustrator or PDF yes it can be done in a simple way, since it does not have a rigid and solemn format, but it is a construction of the personal imagination, but subject to generality.

    Corporate coherence

    With a corporate identity manual, a company gains consistency by establishing all the graphic elements in a way that is faithful to its mission . Likewise, it gives homogeneity to all of its different visual channels to have consistency when presented in advertising spaces.

    Minimize errors by simplifying processes

    When you create a visual identity manual, you get a conjunction of all the graphic elements of a company. With this errors in content creation are reduced whether in social networks, brochures or internal documentation . This is because it saves time by allowing us to know in advance all the elements that represent that brand or company.

    Strengthen communication

    Regarding the solidity offered by a corporate identity manual to reliable communication thanks to the definition of the concepts of the different visual elements . This guarantees to all people, both customers and workers, the certainty of the message that expresses the identity of a company or a brand in any field.

    What is the structure of a Corporate Identity Manual?

    Keep in mind that there are several types of corporate identity book , however, there are basic elements that must always be taken into consideration. The structure of a corporate identity manual is presented below:

    Introduction to the brand

    In every brand and company there should be an introduction that allows everyone to know it , to give more validity to your work. In general, this consists of a brief explanation of the company's creation, its values, mission and objectives that guide it in its activities.


    The most important graphic element in the corporate identity manual to be the image of the company or brand. It is essential that there is a consistent relationship between the logo and the essential aspects of the company. It is extremely important because it is the seal that identifies the brand.

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    As for the colors of the brand, they come generally used the same ones present in the logo . To create an optimal corporate identity guide, it is essential that corporate colors are specified. Pantones are used to give a clear idea of ​​the company's color.


    Likewise, the logo along with the corporate colors must have a composition in which every aspect of the brand or company is explained. Must have all the supporting elements to unify what is the corporate identity . Likewise, it specifies the different aspects such as design standards and drafting of documents.

    Likewise, the composition seeks to explain and reflect how will be used the different graphic elements of the brand in all relevant areas.

    Images and typography

    Finally, the images and typography used in legal documents, internal and external, in the logo and in all visual elements must be specified. The corporate identity manual must reflect the entire font family as well as the complementary one .

    The process is extremely simple, as well as being subjected to strict personal creator criteria, so a traditional list of steps doesn't apply. However, based on its inevitable components, the Illustrator tools or pdf can be applied easily and give life. Are the following:

    A logo : You may already have it, or it can easily be created with Illustrator or PDF. In addition to it, the gray-based model and the indications relating to size and use that the institution establishes must be attached as an approved variant. Within the Illustrator or PDF interface, this is very simple, so there will be no problems.

    Corporate colors : The tones that were used in the design of the logo should be included, as well as the colors that can be seen related to the theme. For this, we recommend the "pantone" color range, which is widely accessible in Illustrator. This ensures that the chosen color is the same as the final result when printing.

    The typeface : The style and size used must be prominent and approved for use in all future presentations. For this reason, Illustrator or PDF typography tools are more suitable.

    Specifications details and reproduction dimensions : it must be clear the maximum size to which the logo can be reduced, as well as any special specifications. This ensures that the quality will not be lost in the future. For this reason elements such as Illustrator or PDF are used, because their stable interface and final visual definition. It is not lost so easily.

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    Uses not due : it is necessary to insert a section to clarify the details and unusable cases, which is left to the individual judgment of the owner.

    Company in the stationery : Using Illustrator or PDF tools, you can and should create a section with specifications and swatches for the use of your image or company logo. This is taken into consideration in presentations such as letters, envelopes, covers or the like.

    Why is it important to have a Manual in your company?

    Today with digital marketing, all companies must establish a corporate image that is easy to recognize that helps them create a coherent and recognizable brand. The importance of branding with a corporate identity manual is that it facilitates the generation of content for both advertising and internal and external documents.

    In this way, a tangible relationship is established with customers to create simple brand recognition. Likewise, establishing an identity of a company it will help to better position it in the different audiovisual channels . This way you get better presentation results and better sales results.

    How much does a Corporate Identity Manual cost?

    The price for creating a corporate identity manual varies by graphic design company which is assumed. Likewise, it can be said that € 775 is the base cost for this . This includes an analysis and orientation of all the elements that make it up, to have a better relationship and thus grow the brand with better visual communication.

    Download free templates of the best identity manuals

    You will find on the internet several free templates of the most important companies in the world, from which you can guide yourself to create your own. Large companies like Heiniken, NASA and Yale University have their corporate identity manuals available. You just have to look for them and start analyzing all the elements that make up your brand identity.

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