How to easily create realistic polaroid effects in Canva?

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Although today it can be said that we are in a modern era in which technology has dominated the world. Sometimes there are those who want to go back a bit, using functions from old devices, playing old games, among others. Here because today you will learn how to make a realistic Polaroid effect in Canva.

In case you're wondering if you need one old camera to achieve this, you should know that no, there is really no need. Even if it seems paradoxical, technology today allows you to create things of the past, without having to buy old objects or those from a few years ago.

    Create realistic polaroid effects in Canva

    To get a suitable polaroid effect in the Canva Design app, you need to follow these steps to the letter.

    First go to the Canva page and log in, then click the button "Create design" and choose the type you want to create, there is no mandatory one, you can design stories for Instagram for example, if you want to upload content to this social network, or a slideshow to insert multiple photos at once, it's up to you.

    Once chosen, the page will direct you to the design area. Once there, select the " models "in the toolbar located on the left side.

    In the search engine that will appear, type in Polaroid and you will immediately see that many images with this same frame will appear for you to add and edit.

    Here you have to be ingenious and at the same time careful, as there are many of these models with very simple textures that will not give you such a good effect and others that perhaps in your eyes are perfect (it depends on your tastes and what you want to do).

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    Now, there is also another way to look for this type of style, and that is by selecting the option in the same bar called " Gallery ". In that section you also have to write Polaroid and once done you will get all the available ones.

    With that you already know how to find the frames to be able to create a realistic Polaroid effect in Canva, it's time you knew how to change them.

    Edit the frames to mount your photo on them

    When you already have the frame you like or the frames you like (depending on the amount you will make). AND The next step is obviously to put your photos on these to get realistic polaroid effects on Canva.

    For this, you must first go to the section in the toolbar where your photos are uploaded (it's the one that has a cloud shape with a down arrow), once there drag the photo to the frame of your choice.

    Some elements will automatically crop the photo, but in most cases you'll need to edit it yourself, using the anchors and circles that appear around it, to shrink, zoom, and rotate it to fit the frame.

    You can also go to the " Elements "and look for one of the grids that are there, when you get one, drag it to one of the frames previously selected in the previous options and modify it to match.

    Finally, place the photo on top of it again and you will see that it will be automatically cropped, adapting perfectly to where the element is located. What you want to add more will be up to you, you can create the pixel effect, put color gradients on top of the photos and even create and put curved or arched texts that give personality to your work.

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    And voila, with this you already know how to make a realistic Polaroid effect in Canva , now you just have to go to your account and review what you have learned, so you can start adding that desired touch of antiquity to your favorite photos. Because thanks to this program, all your projects will be just as beautiful, as if they were actually made years ago.

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