How to easily delete or delete Netflix series or movies "Keep Watching"

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Today Netflix has become one very viral platform all over the world , which we can easily download and install on either your Android phone, iPhone or your computer.

This offers its servers a large number of films and series that entertain and entertain the whole audience present in a house.

    Steps to easily delete or delete Netflix "keep watching" series or movies

    Until recently it was very difficult to try remove content from 'keep watching' tab of the Netflix page. Now the time has come for you to know how to do this as it is a very quick and simple procedure like downloading the latest version of Netflix which will only take a few minutes.

    To perform this process you have two options to do it, the first is via your mobile phone: Deleting it from the mobile application has never been easier, the first step for this is that you have to update the application, so you have to launch the section in your Netflix account , already being in your account you need to look for the 'keep watching' list.

    In this you have to press the button of the three points of the film or series that you want to delete. After that, a menu will open offering several options in which you need to select the last option "Remove from line".

    Another way to delete or delete Netflix "keep watching" series or movies is through the computer , in this case you need to do the following: Go to the top right button.

    After logging into your account, you should look for the "View Activity" option in so that you can access the playlist that you have half, now in the series or movie you want to delete press the button on the right and then click on Finally, confirm the option by clicking on the "Hide series" button.

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    What is Netflix?

    Netflix is ​​a company dedicated to the public, to offer audiovisual entertainment, which was founded on August 29, 1997 in California, United States , through a subscription service that allows its members to watch ad-free series and movies, as this can be a bit of a hassle.

    Furthermore, one of its advantages is that you have the possibility to download it in the application and thus to watch movies and series without having an internet connection. Netflix is ​​considered the world leader in digital entertainment, although it is not the application that exists, it stands out above all from them, since has a big impact on modern culture.

    How to use Netflix?

    You will wonder how to use Netflix; then we will give you a short explanation. The first thing you should do is start a section in the Netflix portal , this can be done from your computer or mobile.

    So you have to create your profile, as you can also create profiles from your account, for people or family members living with you, you can create up to five individual profiles and you can rank the appropriate age for each of them, as well as tastes and preferences according to each person who uses them.

    Now you can search for the series or movies that grab your attention and enjoy all the content Netflix has for you, which is constantly updated to improve the experience for all its members. You also have the option to update your personal data at any time, you just have to select the "Account" option from the Netflix menu and so you can update data such as your email, phone number or your plan.

    You have also the ability to change parental controls and controls of content, as well as playback preferences, which is ideal for our children, on the other hand it is not very beneficial to have the possibility to choose the language you prefer. The only thing you can't do on the Netflix platform is that it doesn't allow you to download its movies and series, you can only watch them through the application.

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