How to easily delete or remove a retweeted Tweet?

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Twitter is one of the social networks that completely changed the world. Since he was one of the pioneers in the globalization of the use of a network beyond the Internet (work, television stations, among others). Therefore, understanding how it works is of the utmost importance. With that in mind, today you will learn how to delete or remove a retweeted tweet (without having to deactivate or delete a Twitter account).

You may already know this, but if you are a new user or one who doesn't care much about what they share, you probably have no idea yet. how to remove your tweets too. Which is counterproductive if you accidentally share something you didn't want.

    Delete or remove a retweeted tweet

    If you want effectively remove or remove a tweet retweet, you should know first of all that you can only remove your own content, that is, your retweet, you cannot joke with that of other people.

    That said, it's time to move on to the process that will help you remove those posts . First, you need to go to your Twitter account and once there go to the " Retweet ". In it you will see everything you have retweeted in the past and you will also notice that there is an option called "Retweet for you" premilo .

    Finally, click on the " Cancel "or, failing that, on the icon of two arrows that form a square, and so everything will be ready and you will have completed your goal. Remember that this action will not delete the original Tweet, so if you want to learn how to make your tweet disappear, Keep reading.

    How to delete a Tweet?

    Now that you know how to delete or remove a retweeted tweet , it's time you learned how to delete a personal tweet. The following process works for any version of Twitter, be it the original, the IOS or Android version, since once you delete a tweet in one of them, the change will be reflected in all the others.

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    To reach the goal, you have to go back to your profile, select the tweet you want to delete and then press the icon that has the shape of a down arrow. This will show a number of options, including " delete tweet ", click on it and voila, your publication will disappear.

    This action can only be performed individually, it is not possible to delete all or multiple tweets from an account at the same time. What if you can do, in case you no longer like what's on your account. It is to change it for another. You will get it if you create a new account and then pass it your username (if you don't want to lose it) (you can also choose to use two Twitter accounts on the same mobile or PC, if you don't I want to completely lose the old one).

    Will they be eliminated entirely?

    If you wonder if the tweets will be deleted everywhere, the answer is yes and no. These publications they will disappear forever from your history in any of your Twitter versions.

    Also, their retweets will be lost. However, if anyone has copied and pasted something from your tweet in its own, it will not go away. And if they retweeted them with their comments as well (that's why you have to be careful about it being posted).

    It should also be noted that if your tweet was posted from another page or a third-party engine, it will not be lost, as twitter only makes sure to delete it within it and nowhere else.

    And voila, with this you know how to completely delete or remove a retweeted tweet and effective. It is time for you to go to your personal account and start making the changes you need (if you do not have the mobile version, it is recommended to integrate the use of this network).

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    Remember that in a social network, everyone is watching you, so you need to be very careful what you wear, as this may not appeal to everyone, causing you problems in the future.

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