How to easily disable Telegram pop-up notifications

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For decades the technology has been incorporated into each of the electronic devices, making them more and more modern, sophisticated, elaborate and conceptualized, a clear example of this can be telephones, which have gone from being phone booths and home phones to being practically in the palm of our hand.

This was a process that gradually evolved, counting in its first primitive versions with a basic but very important and innovative operating system in its time, since it offered us functions such as messaging and even had video games, this served as the basis for corporate companies and with time better products were arriving, until the 2000s when i android phones.

Android phones were the competition of Apple phones, which have the IOS operating system, both competitors from the beginning have added and improved the functions of their systems, going from their design to having an online store where we can download applications Among the most popular are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram, a very interesting app.

Telegram and instant messaging app

Telegram, like WhatsApp, are applications that touch the social network section, however they are focused on the instant messaging section, Telegram's goal is exchange of messages and file mass spreading, it has a very nice minimalist interface, features like voice chat, message encryption and much more.

Creating an account in Telegram is very simple, in fact there is a version of Telegram for PC, where without having a mobile phone you can send messages through the application, even the message option is customizable, since we can both program messages and activate a pop-up notification for messages instead, today we will teach you how disable pop-up notifications.

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How to disable pop-up notifications on Telegram?

Sometimes it happens that for some reason we are interested in a Telegram group or chat and we activate custom notifications for this group or personal chat, but once we do not have that priority for this chat, its pop-up notifications continue to receive us which blocks us from any other action we are doing on our phone, for disable notifications pop-up we will have to do the following:

  • Let's go to the Settings of our Telegram.
  • Let's go to the option Notifications and sounds.
  • We will see that in this option everything is divided and ordered for Notifications, Calls, Notification Speech Bubble in Icons, etc.
  • In Notifications for chat there are private chats, groups and channels, we must enter exactly the section that has the pop-up notifications, that is traits of group, channel or chat.
  • Once inside one of these three sections we will find options like the activation or deactivation of notifications, message preview, vibration, etc.
  • Pop-up notifications are pop-up notifications, we must select them and among their options we mark "Never show".
  • There is also a box called Importance, in this if we have selected the Urgent option, we will lower it and we will select the importance to our liking , be it low or medium.

Once this process is complete, your changes will be saved, so we can navigate with peace of mind through our mobile phone without being bothered abruptly by the Telegram pop-up notifications, both outside at any point of our phone and within the application, In this way we can enjoy the Telegram functions, which are a lot and a lot attractive to its users.

Telegram and its functions

This messaging app was born in 2013 by some Russian brothers named Nikolái Durov and Pável Durov, it was created to create an alternative to what is the giant WhatsApp, Telegram has a technology that many messaging apps do not have such as MTProto, this serves both have multiple sessions and transfer files regardless of their size and format.

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Telegram has approx 500 millions of users, this one has had an incredible take off, as it has grabbed attention with each of its amazing features and offers more options in sections like security and privacy than its competencies, as well as having no limits on features like as groups, where you can have 200 members and between them have common conversations and voice channels.

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