How to easily download and install WhatsApp on my Smart TV

Smart TVs allow you to browse the internet as long as they are connected to a network, this allows you to watch videos on YouTube, connect to Spotify to listen to your favorite music. In addition to accessing the computer without cables for send multimedia content .

On the other hand, your mobile screen can be duplicated so that you can play at your ease. And finally, most importantly, the Smart tv gives you the benefit of see your favorite social networks like the ones you have on your mobile, thanks to its integration with Android as an operating system, in which we can install WhatsApp and other applications.

    Is it possible to use WhatsApp on my Smart TV?

    Imagine you want to go to bed to watch a movie and have your phone charging somewhere else or someone else is using it away from you. And if you want the messages to come in the same way, in this case directly on your TV screen ? Indeed, let's go further and say that you can not only read them but also answer them; It is something spectacular to imagine, but it is not just imagination, now it is reality.

    WhatsApp is one of the few applications compatible with all operating systems, and this is what makes it a great advantage over other social networks. And there is already the alternative of being able to have WhatsApp on a Smart TV .

    Tips to keep in mind before installing and downloading WhatsApp

    To improve the experience level it is important that a keyboard is connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB port. All this will allow you to open and read messages, answer and chat without getting out of bed . Or if not, you will get a pointer that makes the conversation easier and more practical.

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    Otherwise you will have to select letter by letter with the tv control on the screen default digital card, and this for a long conversation it will be neither easy nor convenient .

    Finally, check that your internet connection on the TV is always active, because otherwise your mobile will not be able to synchronize with the Smart TV.

    Check if the operating system of your Smart TV is compatible

    The WhatsApp application is only compatible with Smart TVs that have Android or a browser like Chrome that allows access to the web , as well as allowing you to connect to the Internet.

    Likewise, the most compatible operating systems are Samsung's "Tizen" or LG's WebOS, however there are many more operating systems, you just need to check that it has compatibility with app download.

    Smart Hub on Samsung

    With Smart Hub, televisions will work with a gateway to applications and content, such as a search engine, web browser, over 300 apps and social TVs. Some of the Smart TVs with these features are the Samsung 4K UHD 2019 series UE55RU8005 and Samsung 50RU7405 RU7400 2019 series.

    LG Smart TV

    As for LG, its operating system if WebOS which allows the TV to navigate between applications, being one of the most popular in the technological world today.

    First steps to install WhatsApp on Smart TV

    Next, we will show you how install and open WhatsApp from a Smart TV , a process that, as you will see, is very simple.

    Update Google Chrome to the latest version

    It is important to have of the latest version of Google Chrome in so that you can take advantage of all the built-in functions, one of the best ways to update it is to reinstall the application on your device. Or by installing a Chromecast.

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    Install Chrome APK: TV File Commander

    If your TV has Android you can download an APK file for install the Chrome application , since with this operating system we can not only install apps from the Play Store, there is also the possibility to download external APKs. So you have to download two files, the first, an application that will be very useful to install Chrome Apk that we will have to download in advance.

    The procedure to install the Chrome APK is as follows:

      Add a side launcher: Sideload Launcher

      Well now you need to download this app called where we can open the browser once the installation is done. It is normal for it not to appear within applications in the menu of your Android TV, but once Sideload Launcher is launched you can launch Chrome from there.

      Find and run WhatsApp Web

      Now go to the Chrome browser of your Smart TV and google Web WhatsApp , scan the QR code that will appear on the screen with your mobile phone, accessing it through the three points at the top left and then pressing on "WhatsApp web".

      And voila, by doing this you will already have logged into your TV for read and reply to WhatsApp messages .

      How to fix some problems when installing WhatsApp

      Make sure that the Ethernet connection cable is well connected to the different devices, or that the Wi-Fi network is turned on. Keep the above in mind, as these are some of the problems that can arise if you intend to install applications on a TV. At the same time, make sure your internet connection is stable and do not disturb at any time.

      Certainly, in addition to the above, there are rarely any downsides to installing WhatsApp on TV , so you shouldn't have any trouble completing the process.

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