How to easily find and install extensions in Google Chrome for free

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You probably already know that Google Chrome is the browser of choice for most people, and it's no less. Since it has a number of features that help users feel more comfortable in surfing the web. One of its innumerable advantages is that it allows you to sync your email to integrate with different platforms , through any device.

How to easily find and install extensions in Google Chrome for free

But that's not all, since Google Chrome offers a very useful and important function for its consumers, I'm talking about extensions. This way you can customize and adjust your browser according to your needs.

And the best of these tools is that they are free and easy to install . Therefore, the goal of this article is to let you know how to find and install these impressive extensions. So, without further ado, let's get started.

      What are Google Chrome Extensions?

      Google Chrome installations are uses which make it easier to carry out specific activities . Through them, you can do endless things, such as block ads, block websites, save passwords, add a spell checker, schedule social media posts, and much more. Without a doubt these accessories are of great help, to navigate comfortably and without complications.

      Therefore, it should be noted that when we install Google Chrome on our computer, it includes some extensions by default, such as: YouTube, Mail, Google search engine, etc. But fortunately, you can then install the ones you need.

      Likewise, it is advisable install only the ones you need or which are most useful to you. Because if high-demand extensions are added, the browser may slow down or reduce its performance. Because not all plugins are developed by Google.

      Search and install extensions in Google Chrome for free

      Finding or installing Google Chrome extensions is a really simple process. However, it is important to note that most of them are fully free, others offer free alternatives and others are simply paid. Likewise, you can have a wide variety of free plugins, useful for doing anything that comes to your mind.

      To install these extensions you need to log in to Google's Chrome Web Store , for this we need to do the following:

      • The first thing is to open the Google browser and go to the upper right area, to find the menu (the three dots).
      • So choose "Settings" and the option appears on the left side "Extensions".

      • Once there, all the extensions you have installed will appear (if you have them)
      • Click on "Get more extensions"
      • At the top left you will find the search bar. Enter the name of the extension you want.
      • As soon as you get the plugin, a button appears next to it that says "Free" (if it's free) or get.
      • Click that button and a window will appear to confirm the installation. Select "Add"
      • And finally, the extension appears in the tray and is ready to use.

      The most popular Google Chrome extensions

      Although all Google Chrome extensions are important according to the needs of customers, the most popular and used are:

      • Ad block: this extension allows you to block annoying ads that frequently appear on YouTube, Facebook, web pages, among others. This way you can enjoy any content, without being interrupted by ads.
      • LastPass: Its function is to save passwords, so that later you can log in from any device with great security.
      • DuckDuckGo : the same, allows you to make any search and internet anonymously.
      • Save to Google Drive : Using it, you can save information to Google Drive while browsing the web.
      • buffer: is a widely used tool for scheduling publications on social networks.

      It should be noted that there is only a small part here, since in the Chrome Web Store from Google you can get a wide variety of useful and important add-ons. You should also know that if your Google browser is a little slow it could be due to a .

      Finally, we hope this post has been helpful to you. However, we would like to know your opinion Do you find these Google Chrome extensions useful? Know of other extensions? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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