How to easily hide and archive photos in Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most used galleries by users Android , in fact it is the default application that comes with the system. If you wonder how to easily hide and archive photos in Google Photos, read the following information.

How to easily hide and archive photos in Google Photos

There are countless galleries for Android, but many prefer to use the application directly Google Photos as it comes by default on the phone and works quite well. Also, Google Photos has some interesting features that might catch your eye.

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      The application to save photos from Google

      Google is a large company that has gradually gained a very important space in the market of cell phones . This large company is the owner and developer of the Android operating system and many others instruments , like Google Photos.

      google photos

      Google Photos is an application available on Android and PC to store and organize photos, in other words it is a gallery . The application is conventional and allows you to organize your photos as with any other program for these purposes.

      In any case, the App also has other functions, among which we can highlight the photo storage directly in the Google cloud. A service free of charge with which you can save all your images and videos safely and without paying anything.

      You can decide whether or not to save Google Photos photos to the cloud, as the application allows you to turn this feature on or off. In any case, we also have another very useful option in case you want to protect your privacy, we refer to the function archive .

      How to easily hide and archive photos in Google Photos

      Many times other people use our cell phones and if we have private content we could see each other in a problem. There are several workarounds to solve this problem, one is to delete those files, but this is not the most convenient, it is better to hide them as much as possible.

      In the case of photos, there are several options for carrying out this process. If you use Google Photos you have it even easier, as you can hide photos via the Archive option . The procedure is very simple, just follow these instructions:

        If you want save correctly your photos and hide them from the gallery, the tutorial we presented above will be very useful for you. Using the archive feature, you hide photos and other private content that you don't want other people to see.

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