How to easily hide Game Center on my iPhone (example)

We often want to delete or hide applications on our iPhone. Whether to reclaim space on your device or limit the access of other users, we recommend that you read this article with which you can learn How to easily hide Game Center on my iPhone

    What is the "Game Center"?

    "Game Center" or "Game Center" is a service that allows you to manage games from an Apple device . Game Center allows users to connect with their friends, control their games and play games over the network.

    With Game Center, the Apple company compiles a number of options around a wide variety of games. The service has its own games created by the company's developers and access to other compatible programs.

    What is the "Game Center" service for?

    Game Center is used for play online with other users . In this sense it is necessary to have a account ID Apple and a nickname that identifies each user on the network. In addition, you can set up game invitations and add one or more e-mail accounts so that users can be easily reached on the network.

    How to easily hide Game Center on my iPhone

    Many users are very attracted to online games. To this end, Apple facilitates the use of its "Game Center". Also, users can play Steam games on iPhone, but for this they will need to access the tutorial provided in the link above.

    However, if you no longer wish to use Game Center's Apple or you prefer hide the Game Center service from other users of your iPhone , follow the steps we explain below.

    Create a new folder

    Create a new folder on the last active screen of your iPhone where no one else will be able to see it. Locate the "Game Center Application" and move to this folder unwanted applications .

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    Make sure you are logged out of Game Center; otherwise, all functions will remain active even if you hide the application.

    Close Game Center

    close the Game Center service , press "Settings" and select "Game Center" or "Game Center". Then, choose "Apple ID" and in the pop-up window press the "Sign Out" button. It is essential that you log out before applying Game Center restrictions.

    Block notifications

    You can also block Game Center notifications with restrictions. To do this, click on "Settings" and click on "General". Select the "Restrictions" option and press "Activate Restrictions". Then enter a four-digit code that you can remember later and confirm that code.

    Press the "Game Center" section at the bottom of the screen. Find the option "Multiplayer Games" and move the control to black and white to ignore invitations to multiplayer games. Follow the same steps in "Add Friends" to block this feature in Game Center.

    Can I remove the Game Center service from my iPhone?

    If you wish to wipe Game Center in order to clear your iPhone memory from junk files, you won't be able to do so because Apple's Game Center service is included as one of the default iOS applications .

    There is a process called "Jailbraking" which could permanently erase Game Center from your device. However, "Jailbraking" can modify critical operating system files and, as a result, your iPhone would be unusable.

    Disable the Game Center service

    You can disable or disable the Game Center service to restrict access to games. To do this, press "Settings" and choose "Screen time". Then click "Content and Privacy Restrictions". Enter the four-digit code you set up for restrictions.

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    Then, click on "Allowed apps" and move the control of the "Game Center" application to deactivate or activate it according to your preferences. If you give it another chance, you can extend your experience with Apple Arcade, Apple's new gaming platform.

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