How to easily install or update MacOS High Sierra from scratch

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Since its inception, the Mac OS system has had many versions, currently the most modern version is MacOS High Sierra . This is why many people are wondering how to easily install or update MacOS High Sierra from scratch.

How to install or update macOS High Sierra from scratch easily

For anyone new to the world of computing, installing an operating system can seem like a complicated process. The truth is, knowing the steps, it's not difficult, that's exactly what we're going to teach you in this tutorial.

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    How to install or update MacOS High Sierra from scratch

    After all the steps indicated in the previous process, you will have the operating system ready to install from your pendrive. To continue with the rest of the installation, follow these steps:

    1. To install the operating system, you will need to restart your computer and hold down the Alt button . Keep it pressed until the installation options appear on the screen.
    2. To begin the process, click on the Mac OS High Sierra icon.
      This time we will make a copy from scratch, so please be aware that all system files will be deleted. In case you haven't backed up, we recommend that you cancel the process and do it.
    3. Click on the Disk Utility option. Click on the old Mac OS partition and click on the option of elimination, confirm and move on. When the process is complete, click Accept.
    4. Now close the disk utility option and click on Install Mac OS. Read through all the options carefully and focus on installing in the correct volume.
    5. Once pressed on the volume, the installation will begin.
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    Wait until the installation is complete

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