How to easily know a typeface or font from a Word document

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Microsoft Office is one of the most used tools in the world today, installed or not on home or office PCs. And you are wondering how you can use Microsoft Office without having it installed? Well, the answer is simple, Microsoft gives you the tool to use for free Online, although it always will be better get the license and install your package on the PC .

On this occasion we will talk about how to identify or know easily the type of letter or character in a Word document and you will see that this resource will be of great help, as in many opportunities you will find a very varied typeface in certain documents that will not be so easy to identify.

    Is it possible to detect the font from the Word application?

    In general, you can always count on the tool that Word offers of course to identify the font you have in the body or development of the document, for this you have to follow the following steps:

    • Open the Word document
    • Select the paragraph where you want to identify the type of letter or character
    • Go to Word's "Home" tab or tool
    • Look at the font in which the text or paragraph was written

    As you will see it is a very simple process that allows you to know the type of font with which a text has been written. However, this will be useful if your text has little variation in the type of letters or characters that were used to develop it. Well, if they were used in development different types of letters mixed, it will not be easy to identify them using this method.

    That's why we recommend that you use software that allows you to do the job without investing a lot of time to get the results you are looking for. At this point, we will have to tell you that you will find a lot of software depending on the nature of the job you are looking for. For example, you will find tools to identify the font of an image online

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    Software to know the font in a Word document

    As we called you before, you will find many software to identify the font of a Word document, for example, if you don't want to download and install a software on your PC, you can take a picture of a fragment of the text you want to identify it and send it to the program Font Matcherator.

    Character used

    If your intention is to analyze the text in its entirety, you will have UsedFont at your disposal which you can download and install to perform your respective analysis of the document.

    Once you have downloaded and installed the UsedFont software, you have to open it and through the navigation window of your PC, find and choose the file you want to analyze . The result you will get at the end of the analysis will be a window showing the different types of letters or fonts that were used in the development of the Word document.

    On the other hand, you should consider that this tool is useful for analyzing files with .doc extension , so at first glance it will seem like a limited tool, as most new OSes have versions of Word installed that generate .docx documents. In this sense, it is necessary to change the extension of the document by following the steps described below:

    • Open the document with .docx extension
    • You will notice that the window will open showing its contents, at this point you must go to "File" and click on "Save as"
    • Keep the name of the document to identify it faster and choose in the "Type" drop-down tab in the "Word 97-2003 Document" option
    • Press save in the folder you want and you will have the file with the extension .doc

    After completing these steps, you will be able to choose the document and analyze it with the UsedFont software. However, if you wish, you can review how to convert between .doc and .docx files to reinforce knowledge.

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    These steps will be very useful as well as using the software on a PC and with offline documents, because with Online documents you will have other tools available that you can also attach as Chrome extension which will facilitate the identification of fonts or letters. This is the case of the WhatFont extension which will be used to identify fonts in web pages.

    .Document extension

    Font matcherator

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