How to Easily Make Someone a Moderator on Twitch (Example)

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Video game live streaming platforms have become a trend with many destructive fans and critics. In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to control the amount of messages sent to the chat, having a moderator who controls the messaging. That's why we explain here how to easily make someone a moderator on Twitch with simple and practical tips.

Remember to have a positive environment to avoid uncomfortable moments while directing video games from your PC with Twitch. For this we explain to you what a moderator is and what functions it performs , so that you can choose the right one.

What is a moderator and what functions does he / she perform?

An Internet moderator is in charge of inspect or review activities of forum Internet to which it belongs. These are appointed by a platform administrator, in this case Twitch, to perform the review work.

The administrator must carefully analyze or examine the virtues that the moderator must have, here we mention some important aspects.

  • The person must have a preliminary knowledge of the information to be transmitted .
  • The moderator must provide interesting information.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards other group members.
  • Maintain a continuous connection.
  • You must be a responsible and reliable person.
  • If there is a person outside the channel and you want to have them as a moderator, you can invite them to create an account on Twitch.

How to make someone a moderator?

Make an appointment on Twitch for someone who is a moderator it is easy and not difficult; these are the steps to follow.

  1. Press click on the person's name in the chat.
  2. Grant the user access to the broadcast .
  3. Click on the person icon with the plus sign (+) where it says "Edit" to give the moderator functions.
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Another method you can follow to make this appointment is to use the mod command and the person becomes a moderator.

  1. Type the change (username) into the chat.
  2. After typing the command, a message will appear with the following words "your username", this in turn gives you privileges, like the moderator view .
  3. The mod as it is usually called will appear with a green sword icon in its name.

Here are the user commands you can and should have for make changes to the channel .

Some commands for chatting on Twitch

We want to remind you that this list must be used responsibly, in order to have a satisfactory and complete broadcast on your channel.

  • / block "username": this prevents the blocked person from interacting with Twitch .
  • / unblock "username": with this command you can remove a user from the blocked list.
  • / disable "username": with this module you permanently exclude a user from the chat.
  • / kick "username": removes the permanent ban on a user from the channel.
  • / of course: with this you can clear the chat history for those who are spectators.
  • / emoticons only: prevents written dialogue and can only insert emoticons.
  • / disable emoticon: if you don't want emoji you can disable it.
  • / followers "duration": limit the chat to friends based on the duration of the follow.
  • / disable follower: Follower mode is disabled.
  • / host "channel": host another broadcast on your channel.
  • / override: abandon the hosting of a channel.
  • / bookmark "Your Twitch Moderator will make sure your chat is quiet. Our guide will show you how to edit someone on Twitch": Add a live exit marker.
  • / a mod "username": overrides a user's moderator status.
  • / Raid "channel": You can send a group to another channel after a broadcast.
  • / fearless: defusing an ongoing raid.
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These are some of the commands that a moderator can use to perform certain activities on Twitch chat . If in any way the moderator abuses these commands, the channel administrator can suspend or revoke the actions.

Without a doubt, streaming on Twitch from your Android or PC gives you a good experience, so we hope this post will help you appoint a moderator on your Twitch channel.

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