How to easily register and get the key in the virtual police station

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Virtual Commissary is a web page dedicated to the care of citizens in Chile, where transitional mobility procedures take place, functions as a virtual office, which was born following the Covid-19 pandemic in Chile. This platform was used to issue a type of permit or safe conduct as preventive measures.

To have access to these permissions, you have to register and get a password, this process is very simple and practical, in this article we will show you how to do it, you just need to follow the steps that will be mentioned below.

    How can I easily register and get the code for the virtual police station?

    As mentioned above, to request permits and safe conduct it is necessary to register on the page of the virtual police station in order to get a password enabling this procedure to be carried out.

    Enter the web portal and locate the red box located at the top of the main page, click on `` Register here '', then a data form is displayed that must be filled in, data such as the National Single Role (RUN) , the serial number and first and last names as it is, as found on the identity document.

    Remember that you must enter a valid email because once you have filled out the form, you must press the button that says "register" , and an email with a temporary password must arrive, which will be part of the process, click on the link to complete the provision of data.

    The next step is to create a personal password which must contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one numeric character, select change password in accesso and your password has been created successfully.

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    What are the categories of procedures issued by the Virtual Police Headquarters?

    The virtual police station platform has access to permits and safe conduct classified by categories and will depend on the mobility or transition needs of each person. We will briefly explain below.

    Temporary individual permits allow you to circulate in quarantine areas or places 05 pm: 00 22 at: 00 , this will be provided to people only twice a week, and they get the power to shop, transfer people with disabilities, transfer people with health problems and other specific cases.

    Safe conduct is given to people who need to attend health centers such as hospitals or clinics for some type of treatment, this allows for travel at any time including curfew. People too they must comply with a funeral process or relocation (the last two are temporary).

    The registrations will be made by people who show any inconvenience or irregularity presented on the street, such as lost documents or mobile phones, police complaints, accident monitoring and more.

    Virtual curator and Covid-19

    This site was created in 2019 as a kind of road plan that would ensure the protection of citizens a due to the increase in Covid-19 cases , a virus that is affecting many regions of the world.

    This is the reason why the Chilean police unit has created its own mobility mechanism so that citizens can carry out some essential and necessary activities in their daily life and lead to frequent circulation on the streets.

    L' main goal of the permission of the virtual police station it is avoiding the crowds during the adverse situation that is going through the country. This being the direct contact to report any irregularity that may occur at a given moment, both for contingent crimes and for public alteration.

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    If you want to perform these procedures and the system has some kind of problem, you can contact them via an email which is indicated at the bottom of the page.

    And since we care about your health, we recommend that you keep up to date with the National Health Fund (FONASA), its affiliation and the purchase of online vouchers. In case you do not have information about your status and classification within FONASA, you can view the certificates they send you to your email, remember that in these times of pandemic your health is essential.

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