How to easily remove or disable auto brightness on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max

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How to easily remove or disable auto brightness on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max

Whether for communication reasons or as a major source of information, the brightness or intensity of the light on our phone directly affects our vision.

Therefore, it is necessary to have complete control over its brightness, which helps us to correctly visualize the elements that are there. Depending on what we do and the light present in the place, the brightness and intensity of our mobile will change throughout the day.

For this reason, Iphone phones have automatic brightness as a main option. This option allows our mobile to modulate and adjust the brightness of the screen according to the variation of the light that is in our environment. Apart from that, you can also adjust the contrast of this device.

Although this option is very useful, something that does not help at all is the battery of our mobile. For this reason, here we will teach you how to disable this option in an easy and simple way.

    Once deactivated, you just have to exit the option and that's it. The configuration will be done effectively.

    What are the gloss levels?

    I devices IOS they are created with the sole function of being useful to the user. Based on this, its configuration is based on a special sensor, which measures the existing ambient light level, in order to adjust these brightness levels and thus be able to give the user a better visibility of the content inside the mobile phone. .

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    In short, if you are in a dark place, the sensor will increase the brightness, and if, on the contrary, the place where you are has a lot of lighting, it will decrease.

    This feature usually activates automatically once you have purchased the phone cellular , however you can turn it off as you may have already figured out. However, this feature affects battery performance by 30%, so it may not work the way you want.

    When this song is activated, you will notice that the brightness slider will move according to the different light changes.

    With this little tutorial you will be able to modify this configuration and adapt your phone to your preferences without any problem. You also have the option to turn your iPhone into dark mode in order to protect your visual health at night. In addition, to be able to optimize the useful life of your phone without the need to constantly resort to the charger of your mobile phone.

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