How to easily resolve the " has Stopped" error message

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Android is one of the leading mobile and tablet operating systems today. Together with iOS, it seamlessly controls almost the entire mobile device market, presenting smartphone users with high-quality features and characteristics and more and more innovative and interesting.

In turn, Android is also known for its extensive customization, but it's important to note that if you don't have the proper care and information about what is being changed or changed at the time, this can present a problem in the terminal , which will prevent the proper functioning of the same or even will not allow the installed apps to work properly.

Subsequently we will tell you more about mistakes of the Android system and why they appear. Without further ado, stay with us and find out all the details, data and information relating to these annoying and incessant events presented in our respective terminals.

    They are all kinds of breakdowns which almost completely prevent the pre-installed applications from functioning, the predefined mechanisms and in some cases more drastic the system in general. These can cause us too many problems to the point that it is possible that the error that occurs on the mobile phone has no solution.

    Android's errors they usually occur for several reasons , some are easily remedied, but others imply the possibility that our cell phone won't work again. Among the clearest reasons we can comment in the event that for some reason we manage to eliminate something that we should not. As we know, Android is very customizable and gives us access to almost everything, but we have to be careful what we touch.

    There are extremely important folders and files within our mobile phone, these are usually hosted in our file manager. If for some reason we delete something we shouldn't, the results can be both acute and extremely severe. Furthermore, this represents 70% of the errors found in terminals with the Android system.

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    Another possible reason is that we made the mistake of download something without having any guarantee of its veracity . This normally occurs when we disable the unknown sources option and proceed to download an APK file from an alternative page or shop. If we're not sure where we're going, we may eventually download a cocktail of viruses to our cell phone.

    On the other hand, there are also errors due to bad updates . In some cases, our smartphones have all updates fully installed and we don't need others. But despite that, it is very likely that updates on other phones will continue to rise. This makes some people want to upgrade their phone to their liking.

    This leads users to install updates that are not due to the terminal, causing the mobile device to function in the worst case collapse and end up generating all kinds of errors.

    Google Sync - Check your storage settings

    As we have previously commented, errors in mobile phones with Android system are very common and among these is well known "" . This is an error mainly caused by some change in the structure of the phone. This usually happens when you download an improper update or when a ROM (Read Only Memory) is installed incorrectly.

    Restart your mobile

    Clear cache and system data

    Our first step to solve this problem it will go to the settings and configuration section and then choose the "Applications" box. Once here we will look for the download app, go in and take care of clearing the "cache". If this does not work we will have to prepare to clear the main data memory and then the cache again.

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    Reset app preferences

    Check in Safe Mode

    Perform a hard reset

    If none of these steps worked for you , unfortunately we will have to perform a hard reset or a factory data reset on our terminal. This option will return our mobile device to normal, but not once this operation is done, all types of files, documents, photos, videos or apps previously hosted on our smartphone will not be deleted.

    Alternative methods to fix errors on Android

    Disable media storage

    Disable the Google Sync operation

    Check your contact storage

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