How to easily select and mark all emails in Gmail from PC as read

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gmail it is a very good and useful tool also in the professional and personal sphere, since there you can receive any type of information, document, you can save jobs, send emails to people, among others. That's why almost everyone in the world has a Gmail account.

Now, how well Gmail works depends on how well you know how to use it, and maybe speaking of something specific, you don't know how to mark emails in your Gmail as read. But worry no more, today we will explain to you how to easily mark and mark all emails in Gmail from your PC as read, so you can do it whenever you want as often as you want.

How to easily select and mark all emails in Gmail from PC as read

      Why mark emails as read in Gmail?

      While knowing how to mark your Gmail emails as read is basic knowledge when it comes to managing them, doing so has its reasons and benefits. For example, to name a few, we have the fact that marking all your emails as read will allow you to have a better view of the new emails you receive .

      Also, another reason to do this would be the fact of do not accumulate old emails that you no longer need or that you no longer use and thus maintain a certain order and cleanliness in your Gmail account. We can also highlight the fact that you may not check some mails because you have accumulated too many old unnecessary mails in the window Mail arriving .

      Now that we briefly discuss some of the reasons and benefits of flagging emails once and for all in Gmail, we can jump right into the steps to complete the process. First, what you'll need to select and mark all emails as read is yours PC with internet access and of course your Gmail account.

      Steps to easily select and check all emails in Gmail from PC

      To carry out this process of selecting and marking emails in Gmail, you have two methods to do it, both of which are easy and require short and simple steps , then let's go to the steps of the first method:

      Method 1:

      Steps to perform:

      • First of all, you need to open yours Gmail account on your PC.
      • In main window , go to the Inbox section.
      • Then, look at the top left of the screen and click on a small down arrow.
      • Then, click on the All option so that all emails in your Gmail are flagged.
      • Then, look for the open letter icon (Mark as unread icon) or click on the More option (the three dots) and click on the Mark as read option.

      Method 2:

      This second method is a lot more direct and simple of the previous one, with which you will be able to see all the emails that you have not marked as read and then mark them as read.

      Steps to perform:

      • The first thing you should do is on your PC, open your account gmail .
      • Then, in the main window, you need to locate the search engine, which is located at the top of the screen.
      • In the search engine you need to enter is:unread e press the Enter key.
      • What will happen is that any emails that you haven't marked as read will be marked.
      • Then, you can click the three dots to select the option Mark as read .

      And these are all the steps to take regarding this method. As you may have noticed, both methodology methods are quite simple and quick to execute. In a few minutes you will already have selected and marked how to read all emails in Gmail from the comfort of your PC. Remember that if you want to quickly search for an email you can use Gmail's advanced search.

      Never forget that you can always be on the edge of technology and its various functions, you just have to learn to use it and we are always ready to teach you.

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