How to easily send and receive files from Linux to Windows via Bluetooth?

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Due to different circumstances, it is not possible to transfer files from one computer to another using removable memory. Especially if the computers have different operating systems like Linux and Windows. That's why you need to learn how to send and receive files from Linux a Windows via Bluetooth. This option can get you out of trouble and be very useful on several occasions.

Both operating systems, Linux and Windows, have factory support which allows them to transfer files via bluetooth (and you can even connect two or more bluetooth devices on the same PC, due to how good this feature is). So using this technology to send or receive documents won't be that complicated. To find out how, read on!

    Send and receive files from Linux to Windows via Bluetooth

    Switching files via USB cable or external storage between two different operating systems can become complicated and even impossible due to the fact that the formats may not match.

    Nevertheless, don't give up on the idea of ​​transferring files from one PC to another , even if they have different software. This can be achieved through Bluetooth technology.

    To start sending and receiving files from Linux to Windows via Bluetooth, you need to make sure that both computers have support that allows this action, as without it the documents will not be able to be sent in this way (so you need to know how to install and activate the bluetooth of my computer with Windows 10 and how to activate it also in linux).

    Another important thing to keep in mind is that each computer's settings need to be changed so that they are visible from another device equipped with Bluetooth connection . If this step is not performed, it would become very difficult to establish a connection.

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    Collega and computer

    Before you start sending e receive files from Linux to Windows via Bluetooth and after configuring the computers for this, you need to pair them. This is to get a successful connection, as they will be visible and accessible to each other.

    This step can be performed from either operating system. For example, to do this from Linux you need to locate the Bluetooth button and click on it with the right mouse button. In the conceptual menu that will appear, select the option "Configure new device".

    Then a window will open where you can see all the devices that have the Bluetooth signal activated. Select the Windows computer you want to send the files to and follow the steps shown.

    The first thing you will see will be a numeric code which must be the same as what appears on the other computer. If it's the same, click the button "Match" on both PCs.

    This serial confirms that the connection has not been modified and that it is totally secure. At the end of this procedure, the two computers are paired. The next thing will be to send and receive files from Linux to Windows via Bluetooth.

    Send files

    To send and receive files from Linux to Windows, you just need to select the file you want to transfer and right click on it. From the conceptual menu options, you have to select the one that says "Send to" and then click "Bluetooth devices".

    Choose the team you want to send, in this case it will be the Linux computer. This must acknowledge receipt of the file and wait for the transfer to take place. The process can take a few minutes which can be more or less depending on the weight of the document sent. This process creates, through Bluetooth technology. A PAN connection between Linux and Windows computers.

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    As you can see, sending and receiving files from Linux to Windows via Bluetooth is really very simple. Thanks to this technology, there is no need to use USB cables or removable memories. It also allows you to send large documents without any problem.

    One last tip, are you looking for how to know the bluetooth version my Windows 10 computer has? and how to remove paired bluetooth devices in windows? (Of course you should also look for the Linux counterpart), because this way you can broaden your knowledge on the subject and make full use of this technology.

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