How to easily use and create email templates for Gmail for free

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Email templates are valuable tools that we can use in our company or business; is an HTML file that can be reused multiple times by default. Gmail has established itself as one of the most used email services in the world; So today we will explain how use and create email templates for Gmail in a way easy and free.

How to easily use and create email templates for Gmail for free

    Benefits of using email templates

    Email templates have many advantages, such as the ones we will mention below:

    • The main advantage of using templates is that you can save time when you send an email; You won't have to write the same content over and over again, you just have to add the recipient (s) and attach a file.
    • They are ideal for performing campaigns faster and accurate, as they include the code written behind it.
    • They allow you to have a uniform format for all your emails and thus avoid errors during transcription.
    • They are perfect for keeping the uniform concept of a brand; for example when it comes to logos, graphics, etc.

    Learn how to use and create email templates for Gmail

    Use and create templates in Gmail it's very simple, you don't have to invest a lot of time and you will get it in a few steps; We will explain each step to guide you in a very simple way:

    Steps to use and create templates in Gmail

    • 1 pass : Log into your Gmail account, as you normally do.
    • 2 pass : after entering your email, go to the top left and click on the configuration symbol.
    • 3 pass : in the menu at the top that will appear you have to choose the option " Advanced settings "; there you will see a series of options to enable appear, including the" templates "option; what you should do is select the" enable "option, then click the" save "button located below.
    • 4 pass : when saving changes, just start writing and formatting the default template; To do this, you have to choose the "compose" option, just as if you wanted to write a new message.
    • 5 pass : When you are done writing and everything you want to include for this template, go to the menu with the 3 dots symbol followed vertically; A drop-down menu will appear in which you will have to choose the option "template", then "save draft as template" and finally " save as a new model ".
    • Step 6: yes will open a pop-up window where you can type the name to identify this model and press save. This model is now ready for use.
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    Make the most of your time and use the predefined templates

    As you have seen, it is a process simple and fast which you can perform at any time; This way you can get more out of Gmail's features and save valuable time. You can create different templates, in order to adapt to every particular need and if that were not enough, you can schedule the sending of emails in Gmail.

    use templates created when sending a new message, it is necessary to access the lower menu of the 3 vertical points; and scrolling to the "templates" option you will be able to view all previously saved templates.

    Choose the one you will use and you will immediately see the default format; You can attach a file and enter the recipient and then proceed to send the mail using the Gmail templates.

    In no time you can send quality emails that can make a good impression on your customers; or have a big impact on your campaigns. Now you have the step by step procedure to easily use and create email templates for Gmail; The best thing is that it comes to a totally free option and very practical.

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