How to edit and export 4K video to YouTube from Premiere Pro?

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There are many video editing software available in the market today. Most of them of the highest quality. But undoubtedly one of those that stands out above the others is the Adobe premiere. For this reason, today's appointment is learn how to edit and export 4k videos for youtube from Premiere Pro.

While many may think that editing a video is difficult, the reality is completely different. Programs like Premiere, for example, stand out mainly for the intuitive interface they have and the intuitive functions that can be applied (creating an advanced audio mix in Premier Pro can be learned in up to two weeks).

    Edit and export 4K YouTube videos from Premiere Pro

    In order to properly explain how to edit and export 4k videos for YouTube from Premiere Pro, you need to split the explanations in two, so that no one gets confused, that's why you will see how to edit in 4k first.

    You have to take into consideration before you start editing, that 4k videos are the highest resolution right now, so if you don't have a good computer, the process will be too slow. So what you will see today is how to solve this problem, editing videos with proxy .

    Proxies are basically a copy of your video but of lower quality; This will not affect the quality of your video , as the original 4k files will be taken upon reaching the rendering process.

    Now, to get started you will first need to download the Adobe Media Encoder, which is the one that will help you create proxies automatically. After getting it, open Premier and import 4k videos from your computer by dragging them into the program.

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    When you have them there, bring them into your timeline, then right-click on them and in the drop-down menu that will appear, first choose the " proxy ", so "Create proxy".

    A new window will open in which you need to select two things: the format, which is quicktime, and the presets, which must be set to a resolution of 1280x720. To confirm, do click his " OK ", this will open the Adobe media encoder and automatically start creating the proxy.


    After finishing the above process, the proxies will already be attached in Premiere, you just need to add the " Toggle proxy "so that the video switches between 4k resolution and the proxy in the timeline.

    This button is located inside the + icon that appears on the right side above the line. When you get it, drag it to the options bar above it and that's it. You will be able to switch between them (the proxy will be shown in blue and the 4k in white).

    The rest is up to you, which is the general editing of the video, such as adding color filters, visual effects, among others. With the latter, you have already solved the first part of the question , how to edit and export 4k videos for YouTube from Premiere Pro? , now comes the export.

    Sports video in 4k

    The first thing you need to do is add your video to the timeline, then click the button at the top of the options bar called " Fillet ", then in the drop-down menu that appears choose" Export ", and finally click" Media "(note that by following these steps you can export a video to Adobe Premier Pro even if it's not 4k).

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    This action opens a new window, where options you can change to save the video as you wish will appear. For example: the format, the defaults, the output, among others.

    The format should be left as the default, as it is the most used codec , in the default settings, you have to choose Youtube 4k, which is at the end of the whole list that will appear when you press that option, and in the output you have to put the folder where you want it to be saved, with that you will have the video ready.

    Now yes, the question has been resolved how to edit and export 4K video for YouTube from Premiere Pro? Now go and start working. Remember to find more information about this program to improve, as a recommendation you should study how to create or use presets or presets and how to synchronize audio and video in one go, because they are basic things that will help you.

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