How to edit or delete a message already sent on Telegram

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Today we still talk about the wonderful application called Telegram, this is one of the instant messaging applications very much in vogue for the multiple functions it offers to all users so completely free, and can also be used across multiple platforms.

So much so that it is considered one of the greatest skills of WhatsApp, since over the years the creators of Telegram have managed to satisfy each of the users who make us live.

In other articles, we have considered several functions and even differences with its WhatsApp competition, but today we will talk about one of the functions, which is to be able delete messages already sent, you will say, that is, not new, because WhatsApp already has it. Here is a brief summary, to understand and be able to delete or edit messages already sent from the Telegram application on your mobile or PC.

    How long do I have to edit a message on Telegram

    How to edit messages on Telegram

    The following tool is new if we are talking or comparing it with the WhatsApp application, because from this we can modify the messages already sent without the need to delete and rewrite it. This is accomplished as follows:

      Despite being a useful tool, it has the same characteristics that can be observed when deleting a message on WhatsApp and this could be classified as a disadvantage.

      By the above, we mean that the other user in question will be aware that there has been some change in said message, since " modified "will appear in lowercase letters on the right side of the edited message.

      However, the fact remains that Telegram is constantly updating its tools to provide us with more comfortable conversations when we communicate or entertain in our free time.

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      Edit messages in Telegram from your Android

      How to edit messages on Telegram from iPhone

      Delete messages on WhatsApp and Telegram

      As I said before, Telegram also has the "delete sent message" function, but what is the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp compared to this tool? Very simple, in WhatsApp, once the message is deleted, a notification will be sent that indicates to the other user that you have deleted the message .

      On the other hand, in Telegram it is possible to delete this message without the other person being aware of it, and not only, from Telegram it is also possible to modify or modify this message, in the the case in made a mistake in the wording of it. You can also delete or recover Telegram chat history.

      How to delete messages sent on Telegram?

      Deleting messages from these applications is a very useful tool and to do it you need to follow step by step:

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