How to edit slideshow images in Google Drive?

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If you are someone who likes to make presentations or who likes to edit images to share, sell, etc. It was time for you to arrive, why? Simple, today you will see how easy it is learn how to edit images in Google Drive.
Surely you have already heard of this program, but if not, let this guide take you to a new level of knowledge, allowing you to become a little more proficient in both browsing and editing.

How to edit slideshow images in Google Drive?

    First, what is Google Drive? Does it really work?

    The Google application or program is the tool that previously bore the name of Google Docs and offers us infinite advantages, it has a cloud storage service (for files), which you can synchronize with all your other devices on which this program is also installed.

    But what does this mean? Your files will not only be where you originally created them, they will also remain on the web. This tool can be installed in the browser, computer or mobile phone for personal use, being one of the best products, tools and services offered by Google.

    Simply by logging into your Google Drive account. , you will have access to its features. Information protection stands out, as it has 10 GB of storage space free for each user , useful in case of theft or damage to your equipment.

    Also, as we have already mentioned, you can log in from any device, you have to simply have the Internet and you can view, edit and broadcast, until you decide to stop sharing documents and files on Google Drive.

    Last but not least, you can visualize any file format (the most impressive thing is that it doesn't matter if you have the software installed to view it), so it's so convenient to edit images in Google Drive. It also has a friendly interface for placing filters and making the experience faster.

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    How to edit images in Google Drive?

    The functions available to edit images in Google Drive, of course, are not completely professional, they are simply features that, as the company wants, allow us to tell a story through images (and for this they give us a little more freedom. ).

    To be able to use them, we just need to access the program, " Let's go in "in Gmail with our account, we don't go to the top menu and" Select "the option" Drive ".

    After being inside, we just have to create a new file and click on the toolbar where the editing options appear (crop, apply shape mask and add borders), these options will be applied directly to the selected image previously.

    This program allows us to create slides and, as we said, add borders, the color you want and the way you want (there are many options, be it arrows, circles, frames, hearts).

    It also allows you to place different images and put them super (in the pure style of your Power Point competitor or good office), and you can create as many slides as you want for your presentation. Of course when you save it it will stay in your cloud and you can share or upload it wherever you want, it's really simple.

    A tip to brighten up the day

    Since the topic is editing, it never hurts to leave a little tip, in this case it's about Google Docs (by phone), if you like to edit you will find this tip useful, Google Docs also allows you to edit images when you create a document.

    When you're working with a document and adding a photo, after selecting it, a tab appears that says " Image "(the editing options appear here, you can choose between different edges, their thickness and color).

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    You can also resize it and move it to any part of the document, so that everything is as you wish, thanks to the giant of the sector not only will you be able to edit images in Google Drive, but you will also edit the documents.

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