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Facebook is a very interactive social network but it is also very normative with its community, as there are some things that need to be regulated so that they do not get out of control, especially when it comes to such a large user community.

Facebook In fact, it is the most popular and used social network in the world , with over 2,7 billion users.

Many users use Facebook for advertising of any kind, whether it is an artist who wanted to have more reach, small or large sellers who offer some type of product and need more circulation.

For any reason, any user who needs to use the social network as an advertising medium must strictly adhere to the policies, otherwise the platform will be forced to send profiles and publications for review , being temporarily disabled.

Therefore, before your ads go into circulation on Facebook, they are reviewed for verification security policies .

On the other hand, even if you don't have an advertising account, there are other rules for users to abide by and in any case of violation, their account may be disabled.

Then it is revised in order to detect infringements, if a minor infringement is detected the advertisement is rejected, Facebook's policies exist for all types of content that are published on the network.

To avoid sexually suggestive content, images, videos, text and targeting information. uses of false names, identity theft, among other aspects.

    What should I do if Facebook has disabled my account?

    The best thing to do is wait for Facebook to finish with reviewing your content or profile in so that he gives his answer, and if so, send an appeal stating your case from the email linked to your Facebook account.

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    How long does it take for an account to be reviewed by Facebook?

    The ad review process usually takes an estimated 24 hours, however, in some cases it may take a little longer.

    For disabled accounts, the process usually takes from a couple of days to a week in which your profile will not appear on the platform.

    What are the reasons why Facebook disables an account?

    The fundamental foundation of Facebook is that people can talk openly about what they want.

    But even so, the risk or harm it can cause to the public is always assessed.

    As it is very important for the platform to ensure that i content that people see on Facebook is authentic, safe, dignified and private in so that people have the freedom to be who they are with an exhaustive design of the network, so it is not considered that sanctioning an account incites hate.

    The penalties imposed for violating a community policy vary according to their severity and the user's reputation within the platform, the first time being a warning.

    If the problem persists, Facebook has all the power to restrict your publications or deactivate your profile .

    Among Facebook's policies are:

    • The ban on publishing explicit content such as illegal products or services.
    • Discriminatory ads (race, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, age, gender, identity, disability, etc.).
    • The sale or use of drugs (any other drug related and even tobacco related) should not be promoted.
    • You may not promote any type of weapon, any type of sexual or violent service or content.
    • As well as incorrect or controversial information, rude languages ​​or with grammatical or punctuation errors.
    • Also announcements they should rule out Spyware or Malware.
    • In such a way that advertisers or profiles should be responsible for the knowledge and the compliance with all laws and regulations and taking into account the promotion of misleading products, sensational language and adult content, among others.
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    How can I request the blocking of my Facebook account from reviews?

    If Facebook has disabled your ad, you can create a new one or review, edit, and resubmit the one you already have so that it complies with the rules.

    This procedure is performed by Account Quality> "What You Can Do"> Request a Review.

    Now, if your Facebook account has been disabled and you think it was a mistake, you can fill out a form with your email address and some personal information (you can request the inclusion of an identity document) and a short message about your problem (writes respectfully and directly) to request a new revision in the same way.

    As the review systems are automated and some manuals are not, except that an error may occur during the review and your account was unfairly disabled.

    However, Facebook in most cases always sends a warning before proceeding to a major consequence, and in case your breach is very serious, your account may be permanently disabled.

    Steps to follow to reactivate your Facebook account

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