How to enable or disable features to install .Net Framework on Windows 10/8/7?

Windows features are things that make programs work properly. That's why it's needed install .Net Framework on Windows , as well as others.

Sometimes, when we update to a newer version of the operating system, compatibility errors with other software or applications are found.

How to enable or disable features to install .Net Framework on Windows 10/8/7

When we try to open an application we find the error 0 x c000007b , this error usually occurs before or after upgrading the operating system to a new version, this is where we will need .Net FrameWork to fix it.

This is mainly due to the fact that work with older versions of the .Net Framework that the operating system does not support, causing frequent errors.

However, there is a way to fix it and through a series of fairly simple steps to restore order to the computer.

In case you don't know it.NetFramework is a program that you can download and install without being connected to the Internet.

      Turn Windows features on and off

      It is necessary and necessary for the user to activate the additional features of the software to install the .Net Framework on Windows using older versions.

      In this way, the system will allow the beneficiary to have total freedom in introducing slightly more outdated presentations, if necessary.

      Access control panel

      If so, we need to find the section " Panel control " where the main system settings and configurations are managed.

      For Windows 7, we just need to press the start button on the bottom left of the taskbar to get easy access.

      In this way we will be able to see a series of options in the right section of that drop-down bar, including the button " Panel control" .

      While, in order to access this section in Windows 8 and 10, it is normal to use the search bar.

      In it, simply write the name of the system utility, which will give us the icon of this segment, which we need to press accordingly. Regardless of which version you have, the user should always rearrange the control panel icons for better access.

      Now, in the upper right part, we can find a link in blue with a small arrow, which must be pressed and then choose " Big icons ".

      Enable additional features for .Net Framework

      Within the control panel section, the person or user must go to one of the options named “ Programs " or " Programs and features " (in some cases).

      In turn, we must identify when we enter there a side section on the left side where we will find several links marked in blue.

      The one we are interested in will exhibit " Turn Windows features on or off ". In addition, it has a yellow and blue symbol - a sign that works with administrator settings.

      When we click on it, a window will appear with a box that will say “. Net Framework 3.5 (include .Net 2.0 e 3.0) ”. The user must complete the procedure by pressing the checkbox, and in this way it will be possible to install the .Net Framework on Windows using previous versions.

      Manually install .Net Framework on Windows

      To manually install .Net Framework on Windows , it is important to have a Windows DVD with version 10 available.

      Although we have " Windows Update ", it's much faster to use a CD to do the procedure. Also, we would need to be connected to a network.

      In this way, the next thing we have to do is insert the DVD into the drive and wait for the computer to read it.

      We have to go in" Command Prompt "using administrator settings, right-clicking the utility icon and choosing this option.

      So we need to enter the following code: " Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:D:sourcessxs /LimitAccess ".

      It is very important that the user knows the drive letter of the disk, to replace it in this command, especially in " Source:D:sources ".

      In other words, if the drive letter is " C ", the source will look like this: " Source:C:sources ". This will prevent any installation errors.

      Once the process reaches 100%, it means that the procedure to install .Net Framework on Windows has been completed successfully.

      When the programs on your PC are not compatible with it, you can always try to update your computer's operating system, you can use tools other than .NetFramework or Windows Update.

      In order for programs like Windows Update to work at their maximum power, it is important that they are updated to the latest version , so don't forget to have Windows Update to solve this type of problem.

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