How to enlarge or increase the screen size on my Windows and Mac PC

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The way we see application components and other elements of the PC screen is relative. Some users prefer a small interface and high screen resolution while others need to know how to enlarge or increase the screen size on my Windows PC and Mac a due to visual difficulties or simply for particular tastes.

Display settings

La screen configuration is a section of the operating system that allows you to change the brightness, the color of the applications, change the size of text, images, screen resolution as well as the orientation of the same according to the user's preferences.

Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Android allow users to easily customize the interface in so you can see the details of the images or for any visual deficiency.

Zoom level

Zoom is a tool offered by various applications to increase the size of the images displayed on the screen by percentage. The browser website Google Chrome , for example, it offers this option for the purpose of enlarging, reducing or displaying a full screen if the user chooses to do so.

Also, you can display a custom message when Windows 10 starts up adding more originality to your system interface. This tool, like Zoom, it is usually very useful when multiple users log on to the same computer from different user accounts.

How can we enlarge or increase the screen size on my Windows and Mac PC?

If you have recently had problems a view items on the screen of your Windows PC and Mac then you should read the procedure in which we explain how to solve this little problem quickly and easily after configuring the display properties.

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Expand the screen size on my Windows PC

To enlarge the screen size in Windows you can use the "Ctrl" key and move the mouse wheel upwards. Immediately, you will see that the size of the icons and text will increase as this changes the Zoom level. Another way to enlarge the screen size is press the "Ctrl" key and the "+" key.

You can also right-click on the desktop and select " Display settings In the new window, change the size of the text, applications, and other items. You can also change the resolution and screen orientation if you wish.

Expand the screen size when browsing the Internet

If you want to increase the size of the elements you see on websites, you can use the options offered by Google Chrome. Click on the three dots at the top right of the window and locate "Zoom". Press the small "´ +" button to increase the level di zoom screen which is set by default to 100%.

Expand the screen size on my Mac PC

enlarge the screen size on a Mac PC you need to follow a procedure similar to that required in Windows. To do this, press the "Option" + "Apple" keys next to the "+" key at the same time. This will activate the zoom function. If your PC asks you to activate this feature, you just need to press the "Option" + "Apple" keys and press "*".

Do you need to enlarge the screen size of your smartphone?

You can enlarge the screen size on a smartphone. If you have Android you will have to go to the configuration or settings of the device and select the option "Display". Then, locate the " Zoom screen "or" Screen size "and press and hold the increment indicator "+" until the desired size is displayed.

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On the other hand, if you have iOS, locate the "General" option from settings of device . Then, click "Accessibility" and choose "Zoom". Activate the function, press the screen with two fingers and move them away from each other to change the zoom level.

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