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Every day millions of video reproductions of all kinds are reported on one of the platforms most popular on the net and is none other than YouTube. Here you will find the video you are looking for, from musicals, tutorials, films, series, reports, to the last one that has become a trend.

But not everyone knows that this player hides some tricks and in this tutorial we will teach you how to zoom youtube videos, fast and easy.

Of course there are other applications of this type that allow you to run Zoom on your videos , via key combinations on the keyboard. But we want this functionality to be possible on the most used platforms in the world. And as if it were, we'll show it to you so you don't miss any details when watching your favorite videos.

It is also true that YouTube, like others that offer the streaming service, does not allow the Zoom option in your videos. So how can we go about adding this feature, what trick will we do?

    How to zoom YouTube videos

    And continuing with our article, we already know that the function for zoom YouTube videos It is not possible. So, to make this possible, we will make use of some extensions, in particular there will be two that we will use. Since the most used browsers today are Google and Mozilla Firefox, we will use an extension for each search engine.

    To get started, we will tell you which extension we will use with Mozilla Firefox, this is called OwlZoom . It's very simple, you will only have one button in your video player to offer you different zoom levels. And by simply clicking on this button you can choose the zoom level you want for your video.

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    If you want the video to be viewed again in its normal size, you just need to press the zoom button and choose the 100% option. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts and press the following key combination Shift + B, this way the zoom will be disabled and you will enjoy the video in its original size.

    To be able to download this extension for your Mozilla Firefox browser in a very simple and fast way, you can do it through OwlZoom for YouTube.

    How to zoom YouTube videos on Google

    Now it's Google's turn and we'll explain how you can zoom YouTube videos . And as we have already told you, we will use an extension that works with the Google browser and is called zoom for Google Chrome. To access it we will do it through the Chrome Web Store.

    It is very simple to use and although it was created primarily to be used on any website we visit with the Chrome browser. We can use it perfectly without any problem in YouTube videos. And so you can expand the playback area and observe in more detail what happens in the video.

    As you can see, the extensions that you can use in your respective browsers are very easy to use and will provide you with what you are looking for when viewing your videos. But if these tools don't seem enough to you or you think that the zoom they offer you is not enough. We have another alternative that will be good for you to take into account.

    And it comes to SM Tube, this is a complement to the well-known SMPlayer video player which you can download and install independently. So you can, through his graphic interface, search for videos, play them and zoom in a very simple way.

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    That way we end up with this article which showed you several easy-to-use alternatives for zoom YouTube videos.

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