How to enter or log into my Spotify account with or without Facebook? - Step by step

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Music is a theme that is really synchronized with the personality of the person who listens to it, and that is that there are so many styles and musical genres how many personalities are there in the world. This is why the trade is surprisingly large.

Therefore, many companies have been tasked with generating profit-making services through this art , as in the case of Spotify . Which is one of the most popular Android mobile servers for viewing and playing music.

What is Spotify?

What is Spotify and its uses? Hence, Spotify is a service with which we can listen to digital music and video, with a library of millions of songs and other types of audio generated by artists from all over the world. Which is currently well known to smartphone users.

This service has mainly two usage options, the option participation and the option Premium . The second is very interesting, because it unlocks several options that are very useful for its consumers.

Likewise, among the most important features of Spotify, is the choosing the type of music you want to listen to , via a browser on the Spotify system. You can also receive recommendations that are normally generated in relation to the history, you can even create totally customized and unique radio stations, create playlists, close the session, etc.

How do you download Spotify?

There are two main ways to download Spotify, the first is to download it to a computer o laptop . The second is via one smartphone .

In the case of the first option, we only need to access the official Spotify download site, we can get it at this link. Once you enter the page, you need to continue installing the file like any other.

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In the second case it will depend on which operating system is installed on the mobile. That is, if the cell phone we use has Android , let's search through Google Play ; If instead the device uses the system iOS , we look for the program nell'App Store .

In one of the two main cases the installation process is very simple, on the computer we open the installer and mark the "Next" option until the completion message appears, on Android mobile phones we just click on "Download", which will make the program install itself automatically.

What other servers are there to listen to music?

Spotify has indeed earned the respect of many users, but it is still not the only application that allows this. We also find Google Play Music , which also has a good number of users on its platform, as it is by default on Android.

Also, just having the Google domain in your name makes it very relevant to new users. We also have platforms like Soundcloud e YouTube Music , which have very different functions and tools than Spotify, grabbing the attention of other users.

How to log in or log into my Spotify account with or without Facebook?

In order to access Spotify with your account, you must first have downloaded the application, whether it is a computer or a Smartphone. In both cases, to start a normal session, we just need to enter the email we registered with in the first box and the Password in the second.

Now if you like log in with Facebook , we just have to select the option "continue with Facebook" . It is very important that the Facebook account is open before selecting the option. When we open the Facebook authorization request, we accept it and the program will open automatically.

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At the end of the upload, in both cases we will see our profile data with which we will listen to the music we like. The advantage of having a single profile is that the application will recommend content of our choice, and therefore the experience will be much more enjoyable.

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