How to enter the password in my Huawei mobile applications

Without a doubt, there is nothing more annoying than lending your mobile phone and for some reason they examine the applications you have installed on it. Since it is normal to store different information, photos, personal data, etc. on mobile devices and probably most of the time you don't want to share any of this information with others.

It's just for take care of our privacy that we go to add a password on our mobile . But fortunately today it is not only possible to put a password on applications , you can add a key to the different applications that you have installed on it.

How to enter the password in my Huawei mobile applications

Previously, you had to resort to third-party applications to carry out this process, but today several Android devices have this feature . Among them we have Huawei phones, mainly the most current ones that have the latest version of the EMUI customization layer . Among them are the P20 and Mate 10 series mobile phones.

      Why should I enter a password in my mobile applications?

      Entering a screen password on your mobile device is one way to protect your privacy. In this way, no one will be able to access your applications without your consent. From today it is normal to store all kinds of information on our device.

      Taking into account that it is more convenient to save different data in your mobile phone and therefore always have them at hand. However, while this is a great advantage, it can also cause disadvantages, as it is easier for anyone to break into the different apps and steal any information. So it's best to play it safe.

      On the other hand, it should be noted that currently most devices include an option with which it is possible lock or enter a password on any app . Emphasizing that most of them are Huawei which contain the latest version of EMUI custom layer.

      However, if your smartphone does not yet have this option, don't worry, because there are a wide variety of methods that will allow you to do it, even if you have to resort to third parties. But if you luckily own a Huawei mobile, the procedure will be much easier.

      How to enter a password for the applications of my Huawei mobile phone?

      The first thing you should do is activate the application lock in EMUI, as this tool is not factory configured, so it has to be done manually. To activate this option, you must do the following:

      Turn on app lock

      • Go up Settings system and click Security and privacy
      • Then select the option App block
      • If this is your first time configuring this option, you must choose how you want to protect the application, for this you can choose one of these two alternatives:
        • Lock screen password : That is, you can use the same mobile credentials, whether it's a PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint.
        • Personalized PIN : User can add a different key to each application.
      • Depending on your choice, you need to add the respective password and add it twice to confirm.
      • It will be used later to perform the respective blocking of applications.

      Select the applications to block

      Immediately afterwards, and after completing the lock configuration, a list is displayed with each of the applications available on the phone. You must do the following:

      • Next to each app's name, a blue button
      • You have to drag the same pair to activate it
      • In this way the application in question has already been blocked, i.e. every time you enter it it will ask you for the assigned PIN.

      In case you want to remove the padlock, all you have to do is deactivate the button that appears next to the name of the app in question.

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