How to export Google Duo call history?

A globalized world, where sometimes life goes by so fast that there isn't even time to focus on the people who matter most. For this Google has created an immediate solution, a fast and simple video call application, which also allows us to export call history of Google Duo.

The latter is today's central topic, learning how this magnificent application works and, of course, how we export calls to always have them at hand. Without a doubt, it is another of the best products, tools and services offered by Google.

      We explain in detail how to export Google Duo call history?

      The objective of the giant of the sector has always been clear, to make life much easier than it is, with different applications, operating systems, among others, they have managed to unite the world and make it more functional and efficient.

      Of course, like any self-respecting large company, they never stop innovating, and Google Duo was one of them uses which immediately revolutionized. It even goes beyond the voice of the Google Assistant.

      The premise is very simple, carry out video calls with anyone in the world (family, friends, among others), which are also encrypted for everyone's safety.

      It's a free service, and to use it, you just need to have a phone number and be able to receive text messages on a phone. You can also use them on different devices with a Google account.

      It is a good alternative to using Jitsi Meet on mobile to hold video conference calls or even make video calls or meetings with the Zoom app.


      Google Duo has many functions besides allowing us to export la Google Duo call history, it also allows us to manage data, i.e. if you can't connect to a Wi-Fi network, it will immediately lower the connection to 1 Mbps If you want to spend data or have enough, you can always "Limit mobile data usage".

      You can also move your image (the one that appears small in a rectangle) anywhere on the screen and " Enlarge it " touching her.

      There's a video preview, you can block numbers, and there are endless possibilities to create an experience that's easy to use, yet incredibly personal.

      Call export, at your fingertips

      Perhaps the best thing is that it allows us to export the call history of Google Duo, with this sentence we describe the application. Exporting a call is something really interesting and convenient, because it allows us to keep track of where they are Our saved data.

      Security while browsing today is not overrated, so the more you know where the data is, like the calls made and to whom, the better.

      Perfect performance in the perfect tool

      Google Duo has the ability to export calls within it, first you need to “ To open ” the application, and “ to press ” the button with three vertical dots above, then “ Select ” the named option “Help and tips”.

      Once there, go back to " Press " the same button with the three dots, and will a direct option "Export call history", once " Selected ", you can do whatever you want with it, from saving it, to Dropbox, Google Drive or just sending it to the mail.

      The data that will be saved will be the same as a normal history, the date, the address, the duration and the number.

      It's that simple to transfer all your information to a secure medium of your choosing - it shouldn't even take 5 minutes and the application rarely crashes. If you don't allow us to export Google Duo call history , you can always update the application, as it may be due to an older version.

      In conclusion, this application brings together everything you need to be connected in today's world without having to worry about your information.

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