How to export or send Telegram chats or conversations to my PC or by mail

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You want to export all your conversations from the application Telegram to your computer to save them in a safer place? Hello, here you will find the correct answer. So Telegram has the ability to export the chats to other places and while it is a process that will take time, it will be worth it.

Note that the Telegram application does not yet have an export for Android, but it does have a PC application and it is called Telegram Desktop . This is an application that has been very comprehensively made for users and has its own respective cloud to store their files.

Steps to export the conversation to my PC

First step : you must have downloaded the Telegram application for computers, i.e. Telegram desktop. It should be noted that your PC may have the Windows or Mac OS operating system.

Second step : once you have downloaded the App, you must enter all the data it requires, like the phone number, which is the main thing to be able to access Telegram and, of course, your contacts and conversations.

Third step : you will go to the option where all chats are and press where there are three horizontal stripes to open the following menu. This is at the top of the screen on the left side and there we will go to the settings where we will click.

Fourth step : Once clicked, the advanced option will appear and we will click on the storage data box. Once this is done, below we will find the option to export Telegram data.

And there you will have the option to export by marking the files that are in your Telegram and especially the chats. Once selected, hit Export and that's it. All chats will be transferred to your PC . If you want to export just a single conversation, you just need to open the person's chat, go to the export settings, select export chat and hit the export button and that's it.

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Since you take into consideration all these options and steps for using the application, it will be much easier to export your chats. In addition, you can take advantage of various functions such as creating a channel on Telegram and many other things that this application offers you.

How to download Telegram for my PC

Not only can you get it from mobile phones, but you can also download it from your computer to get more access to your application. To get it, search Microsoft's web store, then you will type Telegram in the search bar located at the top of the screen.

Then you will get the different options related to Telegram and download Telegram desktop for Windows. It should be noted that the download of this application on the PC is completely free. In case your computer comes from another operating system, no problem, it can also be downloaded quickly and easily.

As we know, each app has both an advantage and a disadvantage, but in this case I will mention all the advantages that this application has. One of them is that it comes used for different devices , that is, you can also download it on Android

In addition, you have the option to protect all your conversations with an encryption, in which it will protect your files, photos and any conversations contained in it. Also, it has a personalized chat, changing your funds and whatever you decide.

You can talk to many people at the same time by creating groups with millions of users, with options to delete chats and have funny stickers. Another advantage is that you can create your states and they will be deleted in 24 hours or if you decide to delete it early you can too.

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The most impressive and fun option and perk is that your profile photo can select the people you want to see it. So, with these benefits, we prove that Telegram is a fantastic application and very versatile used and recommended by millions of people.

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