How to factory reset Chromecast

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Most devices Chromecast works perfectly . It is very rare for it to fail, although it can happen. Fortunately, all Chromecast problems can be easily fixed by restoring the device to its factory state or updating the software.

How to factory reset Chromecast

While that's not the only reason a Chromecast device gets factory reset. Sometimes we sell the device and want to give it to its next owner almost as good as new. In any case restarting it is a very simple procedure , which shouldn't cause major problems.

    How to reset the Chromecast to factory settings?

    The chances you have of resetting your Chromecast will depend on the generation of your device. Currently there are three ways to restore it. Here we will show you the three alternatives so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Restore Chromecast from Google Home - Option 1

    • First make sure your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network a which Chromecast is connected to the TV.
    • On the mobile device you must have previously installed the application Google Home . Download it from the stores of your device, both Android and iOS.
    • Open the application and select the tab Account located at the top right of the shortcuts.
    • Select the option Local devices .
    • Then choose the Chromecast and then select the Adjust button which is a gear icon.
    • Finally, select the option Restoration settings of factory .
    • It Chromecast will start the restore process. The device will reboot several times, but once finished you will be able to set up the device again.

    Reset Chromecast from PC - Option 2

    • It Chromecast must be connected to the TV and to the same network that the PC is connected to.
    • Open the Chrome browser application on your PC.
    • Find the app Chromecast nel browser Chrome in the toolbar located at the top right.
    • Click the application icon e select the Chromecast of which you want to restore the settings factory, in case they have several.
    • Click the button settings or options (depending on the version installed).
    • In the available options, find and select the option Restore factory settings .
    • Confirm the action by selecting the option Reset .
    • The Chromecast starts the reset process and it will take a few minutes before it is ready for setup again.
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    Reset Chromecast from Device - Option 2

    It doesn't matter what your Chromecast device is, whether it's XNUMXst or XNUMXnd generation it definitely has a start button . The only thing that varies is the physical position of the button. Resetting Chromecast data from the button is the easiest way to do it.

    • Turn on the device with the power button. You can verify that Chromecast is on because the LED indicator stays solid.
    • Press the same power button, but this time hold it down for at least 25 seconds or until the LED indicator starts flashing and changes color.
    • Time starts the data recovery sequence Chromecast factory so you can set it up again.

    Set up the Chromecast again

    The Chromecast is back as it was the first time and you need to set it up again.

    • Plug in the Chromecast on the TV and turn it on.
    • Install the application Google Home on your mobile device .
    • Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network with the name of the Chromecast. This connection has no internet output and is only used to perform the installation process.
    • Log in to the application Google Home and select the Google account you want to use in the application.
    • On the TV screen an on-screen code is required confirm it is the same code .
    • Select a room or create a new one.
    • Log in from Chromecast alla your home Wi-Fi network .
    • Check that everything is installed correctly and now disconnect your mobile from the network and reconnect it to the Wi-Fi network.
    • The Chromecast is now set up and ready to use.
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