How to filter table data by font color, cell or icon set (example)

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In Excel, you find many tools that make working more practical when examining the document. Between them we can create pivot tables that you can use to organize the figures that are recorded in the spreadsheet.

Also, you can sort ascending or descending and alphabetically, of course you can also customize the order. And if you want to Filter, you have to keep in mind that it will only do it with the data already established, depending on the filter you have chosen.

Don't panic though while applying, sorting and filtering some data disappears , is momentarily while what you just selected is displayed. With the filters you can also customize, depending on the value you are applying, or the search mandates, as you will see later.

    Ways to filter table data by font color, cell or icon set

    Previously, you have recorded data and figures in your spreadsheet , after applying styles and formatting to your table, perhaps using other Microsoft Excel icons. Then you have your sheet, ready to apply Sort and Filter, just follow the steps below to get the correct results in Excel.

    • From the Sort and Filter icon

      What if you want to remove the filters?

      If you are new to this tool, you may be intimidated by using Excel and its icons and want to undo some steps in the process. That's why we explain how to remove filters , you have two simple and useful options to properly streamline your work in your employment:

      • If you're on the Home tab, go to the Sort & Filter icon and click Filter.
      • Another option is to go to the Data tab and choose Filter.

      Advantage of using the Sort & Filter icon

      Excel is one of the most used applications for doing business, whether in business, academia, or simply for keeping accounts. Wherever you go, knowing how to use Excel is important because it allows for easy interpretation and explanation of calculations .

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      Being able to use this tool allows you to work efficiently and perform data analysis that will help simplify your work. Quickly order specific figures, you can take advantage of Excel tools to remove or delete duplicate data in Excel with formula and debug your work.

      We hope that with this helpful guide on how to filter data, you will make Excel your personal assistant; With these steps you will reach your goal!

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