How to find and invite Facebook friends to follow me on Instagram

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Most of us have two accounts, one on Facebook and the other on Instagram as they are part of the most popular social networks in the world, basically they belong to the same company and both are for different things. However, you can invite all your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram.

The two networks work totally differently. While on Facebook we have to add friends by accepting friend requests and we have a limit of 5000. On Instagram we don't need to add anyone, we have no limits on who follows us and who we follow.

Something that we all want and that is essential is to have a lot of followers on Instagram. Even people we don't know follow us. It can be to make new friends or just to get more followers.

In any case, we can get new followers pretty quickly inviting all of our Facebook friends to follow us on Instagram. Fortunately, the way to achieve this is very simple and we will comment on it a little further below.

Invite Facebook friends to follow me on Instagram

  • The first thing we will do is enter the Instagram account from the mobile device.
  • We will now click on a person's silhouette icon to access our profile. This icon located in the lower right part.
  • We press on the horizontal lines that are at the top. A new menu appears with several options.
  • Of all these options, the one that interests us is " Discover people «.
  • Now we have the possibility to synchronize the Instagram account with that of Facebook or any social network we have. This way, the app will automatically take care of send requests to those people who have an Instagram account, if we wish.

You can also copy your Instagram account URL and add it to your Facebook information. Post on the social network for your friends to follow you, etc. Although the method we have mentioned above is the most effective and immediate.

How to invite Facebook friends to my Instagram

As you can see, the method by which all your Facebook friends follow you on Instagram it's remarkably simple. However, you have to keep in mind that no matter how hard you do what we told you above, it doesn't guarantee everyone will follow you.

This is because a suggestion is actually sent for them to follow you. Then it depends on each person if he really wants to follow you on that social network. However, it is the best way to do it for grow rapidly in terms of followers, taking advantage of the friends you have in the social blue.

There are also many methods for grow in social networks in an organic way e fast. You should also know that you can share your Instagram Stories on Facebook so that your friends are encouraged to follow you on both social networks.

If you have any kind of question about how to find and invite facebook friends to follow me on instagram. Also some tips to get more followers on Instagram, we invite you to leave in the comments that can be found a little below and like this get more followers on instagram is preferably used for frees it and, above all, easy.

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