How to find and join a Linkedin group What are these groups for?

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LinkedIn began to take shape in two thousand and two, thanks to its co-founder named Reid Hoffman; but it was officially launched on the market in two thousand and three. This platform allows you to be in contact with other professionals , as well as seeking and joining a LinkedIn group.

But what is LinkedIn, what is it for and how does it work? . Today it is considered the best social network for professionals; for example, in Spain ten million users are registered, where they can promote their products, services or even conduct business .

By entering the LinkedIn site, you will have interactions with other people in the same field professional. Opening new doors for you and many opportunities to find work; as well as creating enriching professional synergies that complement your career.

Another advantage of this social network is that you can post texts, videos, photos, polls or a combination of these elements, so that other members can interact with this content, share it and even send it privately.

    How to create a good professional profile

    The first thing is to register on LinkedIn, it's a free process , and then add the certifications of the graduates in their LinkedIn profile; where, for example, the type of job you are looking for, the experience you have had and your knowledge stand out.

    We now also have Linkedln Premium, with other features but by paying a monthly fee, very useful for HR staff looking for workers, you can also discover users who visit your profile, job offers, among others.

    What are the benefits of joining a group

    Generate work network

    More visits to your profile

    How to know if a group is for me

    The LinkedIn network has one virtual space for forming groups of professionals, who share the same sector or similar interests, in order to provide important content among all of them; questions, answers or solutions related to your profession.

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    Therefore, it is a very useful tool for consult with people with more experience , as well as keeping you updated on the topics that interest you most; the dynamic is achieved through a debate that can be opened by any member of the group.

    To find or locate a group, you must go to the start menu, and up , click on the "Products" icon, then select with another click on "Groups" by entering its name; either those that belong to your profile or the new ones.

    To be able to join it, just click where it says "Request for admission" of the group , or you can also wait for an invitation from any member, or its administrator; which, may ask you for more information, to ensure that you meet all the necessary criteria.

    Then, they will welcome you and you will be integrated into it as long as you have not exceeded the limits group fundamentals; for example, the number of groups a member can create in one day is three or the maximum number of owners of a group is ten.

    In conclusion we can mention that this platform aimed at professionals offers opportunities in other areas and in other countries . For this, it is important to create a good professional and attractive profile on LinkedIn, which will connect you with interesting people in your union.

    How is the dynamics of the LinkedIn platform?

    If you don't have a business to promote, then you have to work with your professional profile or personal brand , but you have to be very clear about what you want to promote, how you will do it and what are the goals you want to achieve; key elements for this terrain.

    Publications are done similar to any social network, and they should always be with reference to the profession, to their experiences , always providing valuable content, and never about the private aspects of your life.

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    But if you have a company and its website, then you can get more advertising and for free, by taking advantage of LinkedIn, exhibiting interesting and creative material , to attract attention or even show off your previous achievements.

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