How to find and remove duplicate values ​​in Libre Office Calc?

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Calc is one of the best tools today for creating spreadsheets. This is not only due to its many features (which match and exceed those of its Microsoft counterpart), but also due to its versatility when editing documents. That's why today's goal is easily find and remove duplicate values ​​in LibreOffice Calc .

And it is thanks to Libre Office itself that the calculation is so good. Since thanks to being created with open source code to be free software, it has many functions that its expertise lacks, such as, of course, the ability to edit documents with much more freedom.

      Detect those cells

      To learn to find and remove duplicate values ​​in LibreOffice Calc as easily as opening a Word document without Microsoft Office , you have to go in parts, as detection and removal are two very different steps.

      The first thing is to know which cells are repeated, for this you must first choose the range of cells that will be evaluated. Once selected, go to the top where the bar with the different options is and select " Format ".

      Once this is done, a drop-down menu will open with different options, at the end of this there is a call "Conditional Formatting" on it. This will bring up another option next to it called “ Condition ” select it.

      Once finished, a new window will appear with a new section. Here select the conditions you want to apply, there are three drop down menus, firstly the condition "The cell value is", then select "Duplicate" in the second and last "New style".

      Then, in the same window, go to the tab called " Background " located at the top. Once selected, you will see a new section, where you have to select the background style you want (it's really a color), duplicate cells will appear with this color, click " OK " And that's it.

      Once you have chosen the background, save the changes in general, giving " OK ” where you chose the first options and that's it. You have completed the first step to find and remove duplicate values ​​in LibreOffice Calc.

      Find and remove duplicate values ​​in LibreOffice Calc

      In addition to the function explained, it is worth highlighting some other tools such as inserting a background image into a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Writer and at the same time creating a dynamic bar or pie chart in LibreOffice Calc , essential at some point.

      Now if it's time to delete the duplicate values ​​once and for all, for that you have to first select the column where there is a duplicate cell, this is simple, you just have to click on a cell in that column to choose it.

      Then go to the menu or top bar and choose the option " Data " and then in the drop-down menu that appears next, hover over " Filter ", another batch of options will appear again, in this one press " Standard filter”.

      Now in the section that will open, you will need to select the parameters that will be added to the filter. There is a drop down menu called "Field name", this will automatically appear filled with the option you previously chose.

      Next to this same drop down menu is another one called " Value " select it and choose the option "not empty" , so that the program takes into account all cells that are not empty.

      Follow the steps!

      Next and in the same window, you will notice that there is a button called " options " press it and it will show advanced options. Here you will choose "Range contains column labels" and " No duplicates ", click " OK " to restrict changes and that's it.

      This way all the steps to find and remove duplicate values ​​in LibreOffice Calcs they are already completed so that your sheet is completely free of unnecessary copies and ready for any use.

      It's so simple to work with Calc and although it seems like a long process, in practice it doesn't even take 10 minutes and is completely effective. so you can sit back and start making whatever leaves you want at will.

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