How to find and remove extensions from Google Chrome easily

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The Google Chrome extensions at first generated some doubts and mistrust in some internet users, however, over time they dissipated, because the Google Chrome extensions are really very useful.

Although it should be noted that its use increases the consumption of the computer's RAM memory, which results in a disadvantage for some users. The truth is, there are two ways to easily find and remove extensions from Google Chrome, so in this post we will explain how to successfully use these options.

    As mentioned above, there are two ways to find and remove extensions from Google Chrome. Surely this is one of the simplest and safest options to get it without too many complications. After that, you will see a series of icons of the extensions installed in Google Chrome.

    The truth is, they are really simple steps to find and remove extensions from Google Chrome . The first thing to do is to press the icon of the extension you want to remove, a drop-down menu will appear where you need to select the Uninstall from Chrome option and that's it.

    As you can see, it's a quick and simple process that's as easy as preventing downloads from automatically opening in Chrome. Now we will talk about the other way to do it.

    How to manage Google Chrome browser extensions

    Using extensions in the Google Chrome browser has greatly contributed to making Internet browsing versatile and profitable. However, the excessive use of these programs it can affect the overall operation of your computer , as well as the software. Especially in somewhat old computers, so it is not recommended to use a lot of extensions.

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    As these components are added to the software, they pile up on Chrome's taskbar, which is cluttered when working. It should be noted that there are three ways to remove extension icons from the taskbar:

      Is it possible to remove an extension from a mobile device?

      Find the extension buttons on the taskbar

      Another method to remove extensions from Google Chrome

      To access this method we are in the three vertical points that are located at the top of the Google Chrome interface. A menu will appear, click on the More Tools section and then click Extensions.

      A new window will open in which a list of the extensions you have installed in your browser will appear. Once there, you can decide which one to remove or disable. If you want to disable them, just slide the cursor of the corresponding extension or if you want to delete it, you can do it by pressing the Delete button. Remember to accept in the confirmation window in any case.

      This method is very good because allows you to clearly review each development installed . This quick and easy way you can get rid of those elements that don't work properly in your browser.

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