How to find, find and add friends on Google Stadia: step by step

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By now we can all say that Google is one of the most versatile and famous companies in the world. Not only does it offer us its useful Internet browser, but it also allows us to enjoy an infinity of different tools that make our day a lot easier. And if you count its excellent video game platform, read on and find out how to search, find and add friends on Google Stadia step by step .

For some time, Google has begun to venture into the great world of video games with its platform: Google Stadia. There are many who have been encouraged to try it out and even use it to play with friends and people around the world. If you are one of them and want to achieve more, in this article we show you the steps to add friends on Google Stadia .

How to search, find and add friends on Google Stadia?

Google and its tools are a fundamental part of the lives of millions of people around the world. And it's completely understandable, since these tools and platforms have immense versatility, as well as being really easy to use. for all family members .

In fact, in 2019 Google launched a new subscription service aimed at video games called Google Stadia. It allows us to save a large number of games in the cloud , as well as playing it whenever we want. Signing up for Google Stadia is undoubtedly a great option if you are a fan of video games.

If you already like this gaming platform, you will definitely want to have fun with friends and all the people you want. That's why below we show you the steps to follow to search, find and add friends on Google Stadia.

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Steps to find and add friends on Google Stadia from mobile

As with the rest of its tools, Google has focused on simplicity and ease use of its new video game platform . You just have to follow a few steps to add friends when you play Google Stadia from any mobile. What you need to do to get it is:

  • Access the Google Stadia app from your mobile.
  • Go to the "Friends" section.
  • Press the search icon and type the name of the person you want to add as a friend.
  • Tap the profile icon you found.
  • Select the "Add as friend" option to send a request for friendship .

Ready! Now you just have to wait for him to answer you to find out whether or not he wants to be your friend on Google Stadia. Now, what if you play this platform from another device? Well, now we show you what to do.

How to find and add friends on Google Stadia from the web or TV?

If you use Google Stadia from the web on your PC or with the TV version, the steps to manage your friends list are just as simple. The steps to follow are:

  • From your Stadia controller press the Stadia button, which will take you to the menu in no time.
  • Enter the "Friends" section.
  • Hit the "Search" option.
  • Select one of the recent players or type the user's name you want to add as a friend.
  • Enter the profile of the same and press «Add as friend».

That's all! This way you will send a friend request and, as in the mobile version, you will have to wait for the player to respond whether he wants to be your friend or not . But ultimately, what options does being friends with someone on Google Stadia offer?

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Well, once you and the other player are friends, you can play together with other friends you added a long time ago, open chat rooms to share, and even play together whenever you want. And this is just one of the wonderful Google Stadia options . In fact, if you dare to play with Google Stadia Pro, which is the enhanced version of this video game platform, you will be able to enjoy many more high-quality features.

We hope this guide will be of great use to you and that you can add as many friends as you want and play with them on Google Stadia.

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