How to find values ​​and find a number in a column in Excel (example)

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Office isn't limited to just layout options for situations like changing the width of a column and the height of a row in Excel; In addition, it provides a number of functions to perform basic and complex tasks. In this article we want to explain how to find values ​​and find a number in a column in Excel in a simple way.

How to look up values ​​and find a number in a column in Excel

Functions in Excel

Excel has a wide variety of functions di basic and advanced that simplify the execution of a series of calculations or operations. Some operations such as adding a column or more cells automatically in Excel or obtaining the largest element among a range of cells are possible thanks to the application of a manual formula or through an automatic function.

The "VLOOKUP" and "MATCH" function in Excel

The "VLOOKUP" function allows you to obtain the number of the column that contains the value according to the range of cells selected. The result obtained can be "1" if there is a match and "0" when there is no match.

For its part, the "MATCH" function allows you to locate a specific value which is included in a range of cells, then the position, which is the number of the row, is returned.

How to look up values ​​and find a number in a column in Excel

Excel allows you to perform various operations with a large number of values ​​and numeric characters. So, if you don't have this application yet, you can get the Office suite from Microsoft's website.

Some operations such as using the VLOOKUP or HORIZ LOOK function in an Excel spreadsheet (which is also useful if you need a search engine by the way) require the application of functions and tools. For this reason, we recommend that you follow the steps that we explain below.

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Use the "Filter" tool to look up values ​​and find the number in an Excel column

In order to be able to search for a specific value in Excel, you can use a very useful and simple tool called "Filter" . To do this, click on the header of the column that contains the set of elements. Then, select the "Data" tab and click "Filters". You will see an arrow appear indicating a drop-down menu.

Click on the drop-down menu and type the value you are looking for directly into the text box. This way, Excel will find all the data that meets the value or criteria of the chosen column.

Use the "VLOOKUP" function to find a number in a column

To use the "VLOOKUP" function you need to enter three arguments . The first is the value you want to look for. The second argument is the range of cells you will search for and the third argument is the column of the range that has the value.

For example, if you want to find the number 20000 in column A which contains 100 numeric elements, the formula you should use is VLOOKUP (20000; A2: A101; 2). Then Excel returns the match if it finds it and places it exactly where you entered the function.

The disadvantage of the VLOOKUP function

It is important to note that the VLOOKUP function only finds a value included in column "1" or column "A" . For other columns, it is convenient to use the "COMPARE" function. No matter which function you use, you can remove or delete duplicate data in Excel with a formula if you need only one match position.

Use the "MATCH" function to look up values ​​and find a number in a column

You can find a number in a column by using the “MATCH” function. This function requires the searched value and a range of cells in which will be searched.

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As we explained in the previous example, the function would be expressed like this: MATCH (20000; A2: A101). If the value "20000" is in cell "A30", the number "30" will appear in the cell where the formula was entered. This number refers to the location where the item was found.

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