How to find your mobile with Amazon Alexa voice assistant?

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For many people, the mobile phone is like an extension of the arm. However, no one is exempt from getting distracted and losing sight of him for a second. If you want to know how to find your mobile with Amazon Alexa voice assistant with or without knowing how Amazon Alexa commands work, read on.

Voice assistants are becoming more and more popular every day, capable of even being added to a car in an easy way. Its low prices have made it an element that cannot be missing in your home. Equipment like Amazon Echo or Google Home are really useful to help us in small daily tasks. However, not all of its functions are always use to the maximum , through inexperience or ignorance.

How to find my mobile phone with Amazon Alexa voice assistant?

Even if your cell phone rarely leaves your hand, there are times when you focus on other activities, get distracted and forget where you left it. No matter how hard it is to search and search, you cannot remember where you put it.

If you give up, ask help ad Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant. He will surely know how to find your phone and you will have it with you in less than you expect.

Steps to find your mobile with Amazon Alexa voice assistant

One of the most important but least known functions of Alexa is finding your mobile. Don't waste any more time searching, just follow the steps below to find your mobile with Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Vai all'app Amazon Alexa

Understanding how it works and what things you can do with Amazon Alexa, the next thing to do is turn your attention to launching the application.

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Once inside, open the menu in the upper left corner. Look for the section called "Skills and games" and select it.

This will take you to the Amazon Alexa app store. Go to the search bar and type " Find My Phone ". Click Search.

Several similar applications will appear, choose the one you like best. Download and install it. After doing so, it will ask for your permission to use it and ask you to enter the country and postcode in the boxes provided.

Once you've done that, click "Manage permissions" And that's it. Now you can start using it to find your mobile with Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Configure the app

Ok, you have already downloaded and installed it but how do you use it? Very easy. The first thing you should do is say loud and clear "Alexa, find my phone". This will set the sound of your voice in the app.

Remember that to do this you must have your mobile phone with you because it will ask you to follow some instructions to register it in the app.

Once configured, the application is ready to find your mobile with Amazon Alexa's voice assistant. The next time you lose your cell phone at home, you just have to say it out loud and clear "Alexa, find my phone" . In this way it will proceed to make a call so you can easily locate them.

It is important that for this action to work properly, it is necessary to keep the phone sound. So the sound can guide you to its location. If you have it in silence or in vibration, it will be very difficult to find it when you need it.

Likewise, you can connect more than one phone with this feature. If you live with distracted people it is quite useful because a lost cell phone will no longer be a problem.

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It's that easy, you can find your mobile easily thanks to Alexa. Likewise, Google's voice assistant, Google Home, has an option to search for your phone which works in a similar way. In order for it to run correctly you will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network.

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