How to fix a scratched CD or disc? How to clean it to make it work again? - Step by step

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CDs have been a great tool as far as the technological development of the human being is concerned, compared to when we saw that files and documents were stored on floppy disks that did not have a good storage space, there are currently excellent programs to record CDS.

Therefore, it was already possible save or record video , music, photos and more in a lower tangible space. Although not all was well, as well as CDs have a good conservation , they also take greater care, as they had a greater risk of losing their usefulness due to scratching.

Causes why a CD is scratched

There are several factors that affect the functioning of the CD, some people tend to be very aggressive with them and thus harm themselves. Among those that have the greatest impact are the conditions of transport of the same , as due to a pen and other similar item in a bag, we can lose all files.

To avoid this problem, it is important to have a CD holder or CD case, designed to protect them, with a material very similar to a soft fabric and which avoids these inconveniences.

How to fix a scratched CD or disc?

There are several methods that work when discs are already scratched, the most common being cleaning with bananas . Incredibly, bananas have some properties that help fill in those gaps that are already scratched by discs.

What you need to do is take a banana in half and start with a little rub that starts from the inside of the disc and goes off. After about 5 minutes of the process, we clean it up and make sure it's not there are residuals , this process can be repeated several times.

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How to clean it so it works again?

Discs sometimes stop working because dirt is stored inside them , so you just need to do a good maintenance so that it can be useful. Because when we do the cleaning, we remove the dirt that is stuck between the player and the disc.

The most effective methods for cleaning a CD are: alcohol and with toothpaste , as not only do they both work amazingly, they are also very easy items to obtain in any home.

Clean the disc with alcohol

To carry out the process with alcohol, it is extremely important do not use a lint-free cloth or scratches. For this, the most convenient thing is to use a cloth made of the same cloth supplied with the lens cleaning cloths, or if we have one at hand we can use it.

Gently wipe the disc with the alcohol-soaked cloth. It usually happens that sometimes the disk is not completely clean after applying the alcohol, and therefore we have to clean the disk again. After about two or three times of application it is very likely that it will work again.

Clean the disc with toothpaste

Another popular way to clean discs is with toothpaste, ed it is as efficient as it is famous . So that if we did a survey of Play 2 console players, at least 80 or 90% would be aware of this process.

The procedure is similar to that of the disc, except that we will change the application with the cloth for the finger, which must be totally wet, and we will try to apply it on the scratch of the disc, linearly and from the inside out. Doing so is very likely that the disc will work again.

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Discs are very useful even today, there are files that still remain on them and have not been transferred to a USB memory, although that is not bad, as as long as there is a place to play them you can always have fun.

Without a doubt, if you use any of the methods explained above and take the necessary precautions and recommendations into consideration, you will be able to recover your scratched CD again. And remember, sometimes you need to clean the CD-DVD drive so that it reads the CD, it's also possible to recover files from a failed CD-DVD, that's if the options presented above don't work for you.

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