How to fix Alt-Tab problem while playing on Windows 10?

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Sometimes while playing, you've probably had problems with Alt-Tab in Windows 10 and won't let you switch windows to perform other tasks.

This can be quite annoying, especially if you are one of those multitasking people who like to do different things at the same time as when playing.

Such a problem can make full development on your computer extremely impossible, fortunately there are effective ways to correct this error . You can also try improving the responsiveness of the keyboard.

    Make sure multitasking is on

    Sometimes, due to power saving issues or updates, multitasking can be disabled, which allows you to Alt-Tab windows in Windows 10 or earlier.

    To verify that this has not happened, you need to select the menu "Start" and click the icon "Settings", represented by a wire or a small gear. The multitasking mode can be configured according to your needs.

    This will take you to the main settings view, made up of a distribution of different icons, where you can see one in the shape of a laptop that says "System".

    When you enter it, you have to locate the option in the left menu called "Multitasking" . By pressing, the relevant settings will be shown on the right side of the screen, where you can check whether it is active or not.

    Turn on Peek to fix Alt-Tab problems in Windows 10

    The Peek, is something you should already know from Windows 7 that translates to "Watch the desktop", which was achieved by placing the mouse in a certain section of the taskbar.

    This feature is paired with the Alt-Tab shortcut in Windows 10 and if it's not active or not working properly. It can generate errors in the connection, preventing you from switching windows.

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    To find out if it is activated, you need to enter the "Control panel", which is obtained by searching for it among all applications or by typing its name in the search bar.

    This will result in the Windows utility symbol, which when clicked will open a window with a variety of icons.

    Among all of these, you need to identify what it says "System" and access it using the mouse pointer and pressing click, which will show a pop-up window. In it, you will see several links on the left hand side and there will be one that says "Advanced system setup" which of course you need to select.

    Now a small settings window will appear, called " Property of work " which will reveal the card you requested to see, that is "Advanced options".

    There you will find three boxes, the first is the one you should be interested in, which says "Performance", this includes a configuration button that you need to press to continue.

    Now, in the list that appeared before you, you should look for the called option "Enable Peek" and make sure it is selected in the dialog box on the left side. If not, you can keep pressing it to reactivate it and then select "OK" until all windows are closed. If you already need to use Peek or Aero Peek remember to deactivate it.

    Restart File Explorer

    If neither of the above two options worked for you. You can try, as a last resort, to restart the File Explorer which, hopefully, will be able to fix the Alt-Tab problem in Windows 10. To do this, you don't have to run much, just enter the "Task Manager" and go through the whole procedure from there.

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    You can open it by right-clicking on the taskbar and pressing the option that bears its name, which will open a resource window with all running processes.

    So, among all of these, you will see an activity called an element "Explorer" that you have to select with the right mouse button and then press "Restart".

    Just like you have the Alt-Tab functions, you also have other keys with special functions such as functions ranging from F1 to F12.

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