How to fix an unidentified network problem, no internet access in Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

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From the beginning humanity has been filled with curiosity, from those remote times where humanity was not even 10% of the advanced level it is today, simply by using its wits and developing more and more its creativity, it is managed to create tools from the machine with the aim of improving the surrounding environment and the life quality.

This has been maintained over the centuries, the man has traced his evolution, along this path there have been men who have left their mark on history as great noble, innovative, inspiring characters and who have left their contribution to the world, creating devices that have helped us manage large sources of energy, such as electricity today.

Electricity is a major energy source a world-wide, practically every device has an electricity input to work, it is thanks to electricity that electronic components have been created, which have revolutionized our way of life, such as cars, light bulbs, televisions, telephones, computers and one of the most important, the Internet.

What is the Internet and how does it work?

The internet is made up of a global network that is intertwined by every internet compatible computer or device, practically any device today, the goal of the internet is the exchange and interconnection of information carried out by any person with access to the Internet.

This emerged in the late XNUMXs, at the height of the Cold War, it was the first time there was a connection between computers, the Internet He was born with the name of ARPANET, It was created by three of the largest universities in the United States. Commissioned by the Department of Defense, it was designed to be a means in which the military could exchange information and thus warn of possible attacks on the country.

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This had a radical change when the late eighties is been developed a new concept called World Wide Web, becoming the access key for what would have been the Web sites, starting what would have been Internet browsing and its modernization already distributed in the 2000s, with Internet services offering mega plans and connection speeds.

How to have the Internet in our home?

With advanced technology ie the Internet can be acquired in various ways, through accesses such as broadband, optical fiber or even via satellite, one can also find out how to have access to ADSL, since this is one of the most stable internet forms.

So everything will depend on the area you are in, any of these options can be chosen, devi alone go to the internet provider companies and see their internet plan packages and of these which might be your best option, hire them and enjoy the service, however, it can be common that you encounter errors at first such as an unidentified network, which we will talk about, read on this article with us.

How to fix the unidentified network error?

Having an unidentified network error usually is more common than you can imagine, many times it can also be a Windows OS problem, however there is no need to worry, there are many ways to review this problem to find a solution, by trying them each of them can be discarded and put an end to our problem, so we will explain how to do it:

Check the configuration of our adapter

  • Go to option Network and sharing center.
  • We right-click on "Change adapter settings" and then on Properties.
  • We click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and check if we have selected the automatic IP option, if not we can also change our IP from Static to Dynamic.
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Update Internet Driver

  • We open the Windows Device Manager
  • We right-click on Network Adapters and then on "Update Driver Software".
  • It will search automatically the indicated driver and it will restart our computer.

Some other tips you can do are restart the modem or router, restart the internet enable, update our router, etc. If not, we need to contact customer service support your internet provider if the problem is external.

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