How to fix connected without internet access in Windows?

Computers are the most useful assistant today, but they don't work alone, they get help to perform their functions from any human being's best ally, the Internet. Which means that if a PC doesn't have the Internet, it's not of much use, so today you will learn how to fix connected problem without internet access in Windows.

And it is that no one can deny that the Internet is essential for life itself, everyone is always online, both for leisure and for work. Even now they are there working models that do not require you to leave the house, just a PC and internet. For all of this, you need to know how to fix the connection if one day it betrays you.

Before continuing, please note that this solution is for the issue raised in the title, if what happens to you is that you are suffering from Wi-Fi or internet disconnection then you need to seek help elsewhere.

Solve the problem connected without internet access in Windows

To get straight to the point that matters, the first thing you should know is that the cause of this problem is not very clear, it can be for many reasons, although it almost always occurs when updating Windows 10.

The second thing is that this problem occurs when you do connects to a WIFI network. If you are plugged directly into the cable and have the same problem, it is already a matter of the Internet and not the computer.

Now to start solving it, the first thing to do is to go to the network configuration section. Scroll to general settings first, for this press Windows + L, once there is the select section "Network and internet"   and then the option "WIFI menu".

You will notice that on the right side there is a panel with the options you choose "Change adapter options". This will show or open the control panel, here find the network that is causing annoyance and open it with the right click to show all its properties.

You need to check if there has been any change in the configuration, the options that need to be marked for correct operation are:

Client for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduling, File and Printer Sharing, Layer Topology Detection Responder, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and I / O Mapper driver topology detection.

Finally, try disabling Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), because sometimes it may not be compatible with the adapter. Awards » OK »To save all of the above and restart the PC.

Other solutions

With the above, it should be possible solve the problem connected without internet access in Windows , but in case it doesn't work, try the following:

Disable and enable your computer's network card, to see if combined with the above fixes the problem, if not, update your network card driver and try again if the problem has stopped. In case none of these work, it's time to ask Windows for help.

Sometimes in order to fix connected no internet access problem in Windows, you have to use, believe it or not, the troubleshooter for internet connections.


To activate it, go to "Control panel" seleziona l'opzione "All elements of the control panel", then click "Troubleshooting", Than we "Internet networks" and finally "Connect to the Internet". This will cause the Windows Help Wizard to look for the error and try to fix it.

You can also try disabling the antivirus (if you have updated it recently), as many times this can quickly resolve the error (if you don't know how to turn Windows Defender Antivirus on or off, quickly search the Internet for it).

And finally, check that your license is valid, this is the least common cause of the error, but in some cases, not having a Windows license can cause the problem.

With all the above solutions you should already be able to solve the problem connected without internet access in Windows, go and try one by one, until finally you get back to the net. And once connected, try to optimize the Internet connection in Windows with the TCP Optimizer, in order to improve and increase the Internet speed of Windows 10.

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