How to fix CRC error when unzipping a file in WinRAR (example)

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WinRAR is an excellent data compression and decompression program, with it actions such as inserting or removing passwords in a compressed file are possible to protect its content and others how to fix CRC error when unzipping a file in WinRAR , which is exactly what we will talk about in the next tutorial.

    What is the CRC?

    When referring to the CRC we speak directly of the so-called “Cyclic redundancy check”, which derives from "Cyclic redundancy check" . CRC refers to code designed to detect errors in computer files.

    This type of technology is used in computer science on a general level, but is usually known for its integration into file compression and decompression programs, such as WinRAR, which is a great program for extracting RAR files to your PC or Android device. , being one of the most popular applications for this purpose.

    How to fix CRC error when unzipping a file in WinRAR

    Unfortunately, in many cases the cyclic redundancy check indicates that some information in a compressed file is corrupted or damaged.

    Even so, it is possible to access the rest of the content, so we will need to make a configuration that allows us to unpack and access information from a document with this problem; Furthermore, it is advisable to take care of the safety of our equipment, for this reason we need to know if a RAR file contains a virus before downloading it.

    Configure WinRAR to be able to decompress files with CRC error

    By default, the WinRAR application does not allow you to decompress the files with errors or errors, which is why the so-called CRC error occurs. However, you can change this setting for allow WinRAR to unzip those files with errors. Also, it should be noted that on many occasions these files work flawlessly.

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    Read the guide that we present below to properly decompress those files that have the so-called CRC error and then access this information:

      If you do the above configurations, you will be able to unzip the file correctly. Note that many times you will not be able to run or open the document, but many times you will be able to access the information, hence the configuration previous could be useful to you in most cases .

      Other solutions to CRC error

      Unfortunately, the so-called CRC error often means that some files cannot be read correctly, which in other words means that information is corrupted or damaged . It is in this circumstance, i.e. when nothing else can be done, that certain measures must be taken into account.

      The first measure would be to download the file again (in case it was a downloaded file). The truth is, in most cases, data corruption occurs due to an incomplete download , before this the main solution would be to access the download site again and download the file again.

      In relation to the previous point, if you encounter the same CRC error again, you should contact the person who sent you the file, as the problem may have arisen while compressing the document.

      On the other hand, you should also consider other programs and applications for ZIP compressed files, as a software change could help you solve this problem if you still have all of the above.

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