How to fix DNS server not responding errors in Windows 10

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If your PC has stopped connecting to the internet, you must learn how to fix DNS server errors . This can happen for several reasons, we will explain what can be the causes and what you can do to fix it. If you are interested in using a program to do it for you, you will surely be interested in an article we did on getting the best DNS server with Jumper 2.0 or Namebench.

How to fix DNS server not responding errors in Windows 10

These errors make our daily lives difficult, because on many occasions they do not allow us to connect to Internet . What prevents us from performing the daily tasks we are used to. Now, keep in mind that the DNS detection problem is caused by your router, in this case you can watch this content we made to know what is the IP and DNS address of the router.

      DNS and the errors that can occur

      The Domain Name System (DNS) is responsible for resolution domain names within the network. Converts IP addresses into names that we can perceive when we access a website. This way it is easier to remember a name than a number system .

      - errors that may occur during navigation on our computer are as follows:

      • DNS PROBE FINISH NXDOMAIN error. This error is common in Chrome browsers.
      • DNS PROBE FINISH BAD CONFIG error or errors in our internet connection.
      • DNS Error PROBE FINISH NO INTERNET. This error appears in Windows 10 and occurs when we try to open a website .

      There are several companies offering their DNS services, one of them is google; If you usually use Google Chrome for your web browsing, you can watch this content and configure your DNS code to browse safely with your Windows 10.

      Resolve the DNS server error by configuring the network adapter in Windows 10

      To fix the DNS server configuring the network card in Windows 10, we will follow the following steps:

      • Through the Control Panel, we select the Network and Internet option. Then we access the Network and Sharing Center . From there we can see where it says Change adapter configuration and with the left button of our mouse we select this option.
      • A new window will open in which we will see an icon that says Ethernet . With the right button of our mouse we will press click. Immediately a menu will appear, where we will choose the Properties option .
      • Performing the above step will open a new window showing the Ethernet properties. We select the line Internet Protocol versione 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click on Properties.
      • A new window will open, where the properties will be displayed. We will activate the option Use the following DNS server addresses and we will be able to define with the following addresses:
        • After placing the addresses, we will check with our mouse where it says Validate configuration on exit . After completing this step, we will press OK with our mouse.
        • Then a message will appear stating that the troubleshooter was unable to identify the problem. This means that everything is correct in the system.
        • Then a we open the Windows command line . We do this by pressing the Windows key plus the letter R. Now we write cmd in the empty line and press OK .
        • In the command line we write ipconfig /all and click on OK .
        • We'll see where it says Physical Address, which refers to the MAC address of our network card.
        • Then we'll go back to the Network and Sharing Center. With the left button of our mouse we will click on the Change adapter configuration option. In Ethernet we will press the right button of our mouse and select the Properties option.
        • When the Ethernet properties window opens again, we will select the Configure option.
        • A window will open showing the properties and we will select Advanced Options. In Properties we locate where it says Network address and we will enable the Value option, where we will place the MAC address of our network card.
        • Then we will click on OK and in this way the changes made will be saved.

        In a simple way, we explain how to fix DNS server errors in Windows 10. Now, if you want to know which are the most secure public DNS, we have created a very interesting list to give you better options and connections.

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