How to fix err_connection_refused error in Chrome? - easy and fast

The err_connection_refused error in Chrome is an element that becomes common in the use of this browser and the Internet. It's as normal as checking web pages to flash in Chrome.

The error refers to the fact that the desired link cannot be inserted . While it sounds simple, this can be generated by many different factors. Despite being one of the best web browsers of 2020, nothing is ever perfect.

As it is caused due to various reasons, it causes users to waste time and confusion by not finding the necessary solution to fix this problem.

This error may be generated because the page is inactive and does not provide its service. Although the cause of the error may be on the user side or on the page. It is more common for this to be user generated.

      Simple steps to fix err_connection_ refused error in Chrome

      There are many methods with different levels of complexity. However, it's best to start with the easy steps and scrap until you need the longer, more complicated ones.

      Check your internet connection

      The most common of the generators of this error is the lack of internet connection or a problem with the router . This can be fixed by unplugging the router, then waiting 20 seconds with the equipment unplugged. After that time, when you connect it again the error shouldn't persist.

      Website status

      With the internet service on your computer, you should check if this error is not caused by the server of the web page you want to access. To check this, simply open another web portal.

      If the second one loads normally, it can be deduced that the first web portal has an internal problem with its servers. It should be noted that in this case you cannot take any action to fix it, just wait for the page is active again .

      Proxy settings

      A proxy address is used as a mediator between the web page and the browser you use, in order to keep your IP address hidden and other data secure while surfing the Internet. When the proxy is configured incorrectly or the webpage server rejects it, Chrome will display the err_connection_rejected error.

      To fix this you should go to " Settings " in the Chrome browser. Once you see the options menu, you need to look for the option in the sidebar "Privacy and security" and select it.

      In the options that will be displayed on your right, at the end, after pressing "Advanced options" you will find and you will have to choose "Open your computer's proxy configuration".

      In the box that will appear it is necessary to activate the option “Auto Setup” to remove any Proxy customizations. This should fix the error in case it was caused by the proxy.

      Advanced steps to fix err_connection_ refused error in Chrome

      Sometimes the err_connection_ rejected error in Chrome can be generated by more complex elements to resolve. If none of the above steps worked, you should apply these advanced steps to fix the problem.

      Flushing the DNS cache

      There are different types of cache, its function is to store data on internet browsing. This data is saved to provide faster loading times for previously visited pages. If you have the cache of a web portal, and this portal changes, sometimes a problem can arise that ends in the said error.

      To flush the DNS cache, you need to enter " DCM " in the Windows application browser and select the option. The console will open in which you will only have to enter the following command "trusted /flushdns" and press the " Submit ". After that you should check if the error is resolved by accessing the page.


      There are a wide range of options when choosing between the best free and paid antivirus for Windows PCs, but these sometimes lead to shortcomings in operating systems or programs in general.

      Antiviruses can block access to various web pages and cause this error. To fix this, you need to temporarily disable your antivirus and try if the problem goes away. If so, you should activate your antivirus to be safe and add the webpage URL to the exceptions section. That it will depend on each antivirus.

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