How to fix Google Play error 910 quickly and easily (example)

If you are visiting this post today, it is because when you try to update or install an application on your Android device, it generated the Google Play error 910 where it tells you that the application cannot be updated; but don't worry, the error is easy to fix. In this tutorial we will teach you how to fix google play error 910 easily and quickly .

What is Google Play Error 910?

This Google Play error is generated when a user tries to install or update one or more applications ; a message appears on the screen informing the user that the application cannot be installed to try again; If the problem persists after several attempts, the user must find another solution.

Error 910 occurs mainly due to the data and cache files , in this case users are advised to perform a simple method, i.e. clear the cache and data from the Google Play app; although this error can also occur when the Google account has failed.

Steps to fix Google Play error 910:

Solving the 910 error generated by Google Play is very simple, you just need to clear the cache of the Google Play Store app; But before proceeding with this method, try a make free space on your mobile , delete those files that you do not need and that only take up unnecessary space.

Also try a switch off e turn on the your mobile device , since many Android problems are solved by turning the computer off and on again; If you notice that the problem persists after freeing up space and turning off your computer, follow these steps:

  • Clear cache data:

Cache memory is a type of auxiliary memory that apps create with the intention of making copies of data or files so that the system runs faster; However, when an application starts generating an error, it is necessary to clear the cache of one or all of the apps to fix the problem. This is what you need to do in the case of Google Play:

  1. Look for the option on your mobile device "Settings" (Setup), this option has a cogwheel icon and goes in there.
  2. In "Settings" click "Applications and notifications" ; On some mobile devices (Xiaomi) this option does not appear, but you can find the "Application manager" section, if this is your case, enter that section.
  3. On the screen you will see a list with the applications you have downloaded on your mobile, search and select the app Google Play Store .
  4. Once inside Google Play, the procedure changes depending on the model of your mobile. For example, if you have a Xiaomi device, you have to scroll to the bottom of the screen and press the "Clear data" option, you will immediately see a mobile box with two options, click on "Clear cache".
  5. If you have another phone model with the pure version of Android, this is what you need to do once you enter the app Google Play, you have to select the "Memory" section; In the new window select "Clear cache".
  6. After clearing the cache you need to restart your computer , this is important and must be applied to all Android devices.
  • Colleague account Google:

If the Google Play Store error 910 persists, it is possible that the error is related to incorrect account settings ; then try to link your Google account again. This is what you should do, but keep in mind that some steps vary by phone model:

  1. Go to option "Settings" in the main menu of your device.
  2. You will see a list, find and select "Account" .
  3. In the "Account" section, you need to choose the Google account that you have linked to your mobile, your account will immediately appear on the screen, click "Remove account" (Remove).
  4. Once your Google account is deleted, restart your device and add the account again.
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The Google Play Store is not free from errors in your system, but these are solved easily and quickly without affecting the functioning of your mobile device, and you can also find the best Google applications to install on Android.

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