How to fix "Google Play Store Error 920" code when installing apps

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The Google Play Store is currently one of the most used tools globally, because with it you can install various applications on your smartphone. Since with this platform you can have endless apps on your mobile that will make your life easier and easier.

In addition, using it, you will be able to download to your mobile phone from banking tools, that is, those that will allow you to pay any debt or commitment in your favorite financial institution, as well as control your home garage, among other things. However, and like all Google Play Store tools, sometimes has technical faults or errors that complicate its use , as in the case of error 920.

    What does the Google Play Store error code 920 mean?

    It is a code that appears when we try to download or update any application from the Google Play Store. This is displayed as a warning message that a "'920 error" has occurred.

    Why can't I install apps from the Play Store?

    This happens due to some drawbacks that our devices present.

    That is why it should be checked if there is enough space in the internal memory or on the SD card. You should look for the settings or the settings icon found in notifications at the top of some computers. The storage space is searched and checked if it has enough MB to download applications. If you don't have adequate space, you will need to delete some things, as the download fails due to lack of storage space, so you need to delete a program.

    Once you have checked the space, you should go to "Installed Applications" or "Manage Application" this is the option to use. Then you have to search for the Play Store program below or write to locate it, when this program is selected, we find a data button that allows them to delete, it looks for where it says "Cache" and proceeds to delete all "Data" or delete "Cache" and you are given "OK".

    Going to the Play Store will start from scratch and we will have it ready to find what we need.

    Troubleshooting the "error 920" code

    It has happened to all of us that at some point while trying to download and install an application from the Play Store on a mobile, the error 920 appears unexpectedly causing annoyance and concern . In case this happens, you will just have to perform the following procedure.

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    Step 1: Restart and check the Wi-Fi network

    The first thing you should do to try to fix this error that eventually occurs in the Play Store is check that your internet connection is active , as this error is sometimes generated by not having the service. In that case you should check that your Wi-Fi or data signal is active, if not, you will just have to activate the internet connection and restart the download and check if the 920 error persists.

    If you are using the phone, you need to make sure that Wi-Fi is activated, which you can do faster by lowering the notification bar where you have to click icon that has Wi-Fi. If it's active and you don't have a good connection, proceed to turn it off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on.

    Likewise, you need to make sure you are connected to the appropriate network to which you have access, for this, when you click on the Wi-Fi icon, a list with the available networks will appear and you will be able to verify, in case of not being connected to your network, you need to find it in the list and click on it and then where it says "Connect".

    If you don't see any networks in the list, check that you are not in airplane mode, if it is, turn it off to be able to access the network. If after this you don't see a solution, move on to connect with mobile data and turn it off and on again.

    If you are coming from the PC, you also need to make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned on , for this you have to open the action center and click on the network icon, which must be activated, when it already is, a list with available networks will appear. If you recognize yours in the list make sure it is connected to that network, if not, you will have to click where it says "Connect".

    After doing all this and you still don't have a good internet connection, restart your Wi-Fi router, turn it off and unplug the power cord, wait a few seconds and plug it back in.

    Turn the router back on and wait until the lights on the router indicate they are fully on and it has been reconnected. So you just need to test if you are already connected and access the internet.

    Reset / restart the network:

    To reset and restart the network you need to open the start menu and click on the settings icon, now click on "Network and internet" and select "Status" in the list on the left and then at the bottom of the window Click on "Network". Reset. "

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    Now in the new window confirm by clicking on "Restore now". Your PC will restart and once check if the problem is solved.

    Try another network:

    Try connecting to another wireless network, for example by sharing the mobile phone Internet connection if it allows, if you have internet access when you connect to this network, the problem may be with your router or your internet service provider.

    Use the Windows Network Troubleshooter:

    Go back to the configuration screen and click on "Internet Network" again, in the left menu select "Status" and in this window on the right click on "Network Troubleshooting" and follow the recommended steps.

    Update the network card driver:

    Your network card driver may be out of date. To install the latest available drive for your wireless card you will need another PC with Internet access.

    First, on your PC, click on the "Start Menu", select Device Manager and expand the network adapters or make sure you have one installed. Generally a device will appear that includes the word "Wireles", you have to take note of the exact model that appears, then from a PC with internet access go to the WWW..del / .com / support support page and indicate the label of your service from your PC or select the exact model from the list.

    Go up " Download drivers "and indicate the operating system you have installed, in" Category "select" Network "and select from the list that will appear your wireless card and download the driver to install it again on your PC, otherwise fix the problem; If you wish, go back to the previous version of the driver, to do so go back to "Device Manager" and expand the network cards and this time right click on the network card and select "Properties" in this window, then go to "Controller" click on "Reest the previous controller" and to finish you have to follow a series of steps that will tell you when the process is finished.

    Once finished you need to restart your PC.

    Step 2: clear data, cache and updates

    In case the error persists, the solution can be found in the same way that RH-01 error is fixed from the Google Play Store; in other words, delete or clear data from the cache , since it is a not very aggressive method that serves to solve the vast majority of problems that applications present.

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    This occurs because caches are used to store some data of these applications , which are used temporarily; however, when the memory of these becomes full or overloaded, mobile phones or operating systems that work with the Google Play Store start to fail. To clear the caches you need to do the following.

      One of the ways to drastically wipe data is clear the application data , then everything related to the "Software" will be deleted or otherwise the deletion of the data will be done in a timely manner.

      First di erase data of any application, you need to know if the software has some kind of agreement in the cloud, so if you want to go back to the application, the data will be recovered.

      This cache data can be cleared one by one or all at once by entering "Settings", then "Storage" to go to "Cached data" and finally press "OK".

      The updates are deleted entering "Settings", then updating through Windows Updote, taking the advanced options, then you need to observe the updates and click "uninstall updates".

      Step 3: Remove the Google account

      If you have proceeded to perform the previous two steps and the problem still persists then you will need to apply a more radical solution . If so, you'll need to delete your Gmail account, then add another one. To do this, you just need to enter the settings and then go to Google and select the Gmail account and click on the Delete account section. Next, you need to add a new account and enter your credentials.

      Final thoughts

      On the other hand, it is important to consider that the Google Play Store error 920 often occurs due to problems in the Google platform; If so, the ideal thing to do before applying the steps or techniques I mentioned above is let 20 minutes pass and try to open or download the App again you needed.

      Another aspect that you should consider is updating the applications, as it is common that when trying to update a large number of apps at the same time on the mobile, this error occurs. Finally, if none of the above does not work, you will need to download and install your phone's Play Store by formatting the equipment.

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