How to fix images with Corel Photo Paint's Effects tool - fast and easy

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Many times you get a good photograph and some details need to be corrected to give it a better color balance or to highlight specific aspects, Corel Photo Paint effects are of great help for this kind of cases. Other times our photograph looks a little blurry, but Corel Photo Paint has tools that take care of correcting them.

How to fix images with Corel Photo Paint's Effects tool - fast and easy

Being able to edit with brushes and do minimalistic work that helps to achieve great finishes, this software is winning its place in the hearts of casual editor

      How to fix an image with Corel Photo Paint effects?

      This tweaking tool is located in the left panel of options, once selected, you have the option to select the desired specifications in the top panel.

      You will then be able to choose in your first option the thickness and type of brush with which the effect will be applied, generally a recommendation bar is shown which will change with use, then going to show the last brushes that have been used.

      Once you've selected the effect brush, you can decide whether to use a default effect (which locks out all other options that can be changed) or a custom effect , where you can completely change the look of the effect.

      If you use a predefined effect but decide to change some data, such as brush size, it will automatically change to your custom effect. In case you don't know, you can also save your own custom brushes

      You can also change the blending mode of the effect , thus causing the effect to mix more or less with the colors of the image.

      It's possible change the intensity of the effect, refers to the amount of effect that will be applied each time you brush. In this way you will have the possibility to modify with a certain prudence in order not to damage the image.

      Basically the use of these effects depends a lot on the perception of the user. Because it is the photo editor's eye that knows what he hopes to achieve by editing it.

      Some advices

      If you are a beginner with this application, it is good that you try the tools with an image of your choice. This way you know how each one works and what drives the values ​​up or down.

      We also recommend combining other tools for more realistic effects. Like for example, it magic wand tool which helps you select specific work areas.

      Mix using tools for cool effects, overlay or edit directly on top of the image. Take risks to understand how each tool works.

      If you are looking for more specific tools, it is important to know that you can find and apply effects such as posterize, threshold, color invert and deinterlace or other effects such as color and silhouette transformation.

      Benefits of Corel Photo Paint effects

      Being an editing program designed for designer computers and tablets , allows for a large number of options. Likewise, the use of its effects is quite functional, as it allows editing with subtle touches and in specific areas.

      Thanks to this, it gains a position among occasional publishers and content creators. Influencers or instagramers are some who always deserve to create photographic content for their networks.

      On the other hand, this software allows for a large number of options without presenting too many inconveniences a fairly simple interface to use .


      Corel Photo Paint is a simple editor but it really requires at least practice to use it. Therefore, it is not for direct use, which complicates its use by those who are just entering this world.

      In addition, understanding how some tools work is worth using. Which, in a sense, becomes a problem, whose only solution is spend time trying them all .

      Finally, we hope that this tutorial will be of great help to you and once again we encourage you to try new things and try using the tools of this complete application.

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